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Sleeping Bag Lights

Now where did I put that sock again...?
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The dough on this one hasn't quite risen yet, so any suggestions would be appreciated...

I remove most clothing when I get into my sleeping bag when in The Great Outdoors, and usually keep the clothes in my bag with me when sleeping.

However, during hours of limited visibility, it's difficult to clothe/unclothe without the aid of some kind of light. Last weekend I was unsuccessfully trying to get up and out of the bag to meet a time constraint for the trip (overslept), and I challenged myself to grow with that experience -- what am I saying, that just plain sucked!!! I cursed up and down after putting my pants on backwards twice, not finding socks and what not...sigh.

Ergo, Sleeping Bag Lights.

Now, I'm not talking about hanging hurricane lamps in there, mind you, but something a bit more practical.

My first thought was two tubes of plastic right next to the zipper (also for reference), one on each side, which would be filled/refilled with ChemLight juice. That stuff doesn't last long though, and one filling would not last a whole day.

Electrical options are difficult, as they're inherently fire hazard-like...

Best option right now is to line the zipper with LED lights (longer lasting) and one housing with watch batteries/switch towards the opening.

Any help would be appreciated - if I could get some help, I'd actually build one and take this to the field with me, so... Thanks in advance..

timpestuous, May 08 2003

Related idea from the HB: "The baglite" http://www.halfbake.../idea/The_20baglite
Circa March 2002: The baglite is the same idea, only for handbags and purses. The LED array was explored as well. [bristolz, Oct 17 2004]


phoenix, May 08 2003

       In particular, one of those flashlights where the handle pulls out to turn it into a mini-Hurricane lamp.   

       I'm also not entirely sure why you don't get out of the sleeping bag then get dressed. Too cold or too embarrassed?
DrCurry, May 08 2003

       I think this is very cool and should employ fiber optics (like a fiber optic christmas tree or something) You just take the flashlight you're using, and "dock" it to the flash port.. Even have lenses for different colors... GREAT IDEA, Timpestuous !!
mahatma, May 08 2003

       Just wear glow-in-the-dark rave clothes on your hike.
snarfyguy, May 08 2003

       Nothing complements the peace and serenity of communing with nature in solitude like HARD-BANGING TECHNO!
snarfyguy, May 08 2003

       Or, at least, hard banging.
bristolz, May 08 2003

       Heh! Seconded.
pluterday, May 08 2003

       Hard banging to hard banging techno.
I am lucky/unlucky.You decide. I am 33 and grew up in the time raves and acid house and warehouse parties. I still go to outdoor raves now. I love them. There is nothing like the sun coming up on a summers day out in the country with a party just starting to get to the chillout stage. Oh yeah.
sufc, May 08 2003

       Thanks for the comments - been out for a while...   

       Normally my flashlight is tied down to my gear (which is outside the bag) - and it has a red lens, so that's out.   

       Too cold to dress outside at times - it was 17F at night last friday night, then came up to a balmy 34F saturday morning. Yeehaw. That was one of those mornings I really, really didn't want to get out of ye olde fart sack (sleeping bag, that is).   

       Thx mahatma - that sounds like it could work!
timpestuous, May 09 2003


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