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Fast canned beer chilling pipe

Beers are chilled just by sliding down the ultra-cold-wall pipe
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vincevincevince, Jan 10 2009


       I read this a bears.... good for the Polar bears who's habitat has been melted by the selfish arseholes who drive climate wrecking 4x4s.
xenzag, Jan 10 2009

       For God's sake don't eat its liver!   

       [+] I guess it is self explanitory but I wish that you could have taken the time to write up somewhat of a description of what you have in mind.. in spite of how obvious it may be.
Jscotty, Jan 11 2009

       I don't think that pipe would stay cold for long... How about a really long vertical pipe that the can shoots up through, taking advantage of the cold upper atmosphere. It might have to have some sort of speed governor, more like a beer elevator, so the can doesn't incinerate from friction on its way up.
Spacecoyote, Jan 11 2009


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