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Lottery Beer

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This product is for Alcoholics that want a system that helps them to quit drinking.

Lottery Beer is a real beer like any other. The difference is not all of the bottles contain beer. Some bottles are filled with a "Deterrent Beverage" so foul tasting that you feel like you need to use a power washer on your mouth. Thus you begin to associate a miserable experience with drinking and the deprogramming begins.

The brewery will issue beer in cycles so for example the first cycle of beer released for sale will have something like a 9-1 ratio of real beer vs deterrent beverage. Cycle Two would have a 7-3 real beer vs deterrent beverage mix. Cycle Three would get to 50/50 and so on until you reach a cycle where you are attempting to drink deterrent beverage every attempt you make.

As the Cycle number increases so does the foulness intensity of the Deterrent Beverages. A Deterrent Beverage in Cycle One is less disgusting than a Deterrent Beverage in Cycle Three.

vfrackis, Nov 03 2011

Disulfiram http://www.ncbi.nlm...dhealth/PMH0000726/
Just vary the ratio of real vs. placebo pills in the bottle. [mouseposture, Nov 03 2011]

...which inspired... Lottery_20Beer2
[doctorremulac3, Feb 23 2016]


       mmm, beer...
pocmloc, Nov 03 2011

       Do you have any idea of the level of desperation an alcoholic can reach? Serious addicts will put things inside themselves more awful than any Deterrent Beverage. As for the less serious, what prevents them from drinking non-lottery beer?   

       This idea might work for those whose craving is mild enough that they don't cheat (if you could even call them "alcoholics"), though Antabuse would be easier.
mouseposture, Nov 03 2011

       But, lottery beer would be like one free 24 pack in every hundred cases sold or something.
This is... well I'm not sure what, but something more like; 'HaHa you hosed yourself' beer.

       It's just not going to catch on.
I like the old gypsy cure of giving the better-half some herbs sprinkled in the evening grub to make the drunker-half violently ill if he/she over consumes.

       // a system that helps them to quit drinking. //   

       Your words are strange to us, hu-mon.   

       // a "Deterrent Beverage" so foul tasting that you feel like you need to use a power washer on your mouth //   

       This is definitely Baked by a number of UK brewers, and widely available at retail outlets in a variety of packages.
8th of 7, Nov 04 2011

       mmmm- misread *detergent beverage* - that could stop someone from drinking. "I'll wash your mouth out with soap!!"
xandram, Nov 04 2011

       As an alcoholic I can tell you no such deterrence will be effective. If I let myself drink again I would try 40 bottles of swill in hopes of getting 1 bottle of beer under your system.

The only effective deterrents are consequences directly linked to getting drunk and for many alcoholics those have to be downright life threatening and worse before they'll stop.
Voice, Jul 14 2013

       How about a product where some bottles contain real beer, and some bottles contain an identical tasting non-alchocolic beer?   

       It wouldn't act as a deterrent, as such, but it would make it less likely that one would get drunk.
goldbb, Jul 14 2013

       "Nobody goes there anymore. It's too crowded." Yogi BERRA   

       ( and the beer tastes really bad some days. )
popbottle, Feb 22 2016

       //identical tasting non-alchocolic beer//   

       If you can make that you'll make millions
Voice, Feb 23 2016


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