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liquor membrane

street people use the teflon membrane from a goretex parka to concentrate alcohol from beermash
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this approches being the most useless derivative Idea I've ever put here

basically just imagine a clever street person using the teflon membrane from a goretex parka to concentrate alcohol from beermash; almost free liquor

a funner version would be a pressurized version like a water rocket

first: I have yet to see a street person brew their own beer

second: PTFE membranes are already used at the ndustry to tune alcohol content

third: the product has no advantages

a plausible use is as a science high school dance spiked punch prank resource

that, n it might be nifty to try it to see if it works

beanangel, Mar 26 2008

Night Train http://www.bumwine.com/nighttrain.html
"Some suspect that Night Train is really just Thunderbird with some Kool-Aid-like substance added to try to mask the Clorox flavor." [Klaatu, Mar 28 2008]

Removing water from gasoline with chamois http://books.google...qDa4oK49cRQNw&hl=en
[Klaatu, Mar 28 2008]

DIY Distillation http://www.amazings...om/Amazingstill.pdf
[Klaatu, Apr 06 2008]

A New Option: Osmotic Distillation http://www.liqui-ce...ne%20Contactors.pdf
note: this paper uses two fluids rather than beermash plus cooling [Treon, Apr 07 2008]


       completely useless. here in the states we have what is called OPEN CONTAINER law, in which it is illegal to display beer bottles in public. I doubt the police would overlook a bum with a chemistry set on the street...
evilpenguin, Mar 26 2008

       I know at least one that synthesizes methane.   

       From all that I can find, PTFE filters are used to filter out solids (water and alcohol will both pass through easily); PTFE membranes are used with ethanol _vapour_ in a lab process to determine alcohol concentration. Can you provide a link demonstrating that even an ideal PTFE membrane will do as you suggest?
david_scothern, Mar 28 2008

       I know that chamois can be used to remove water from gasoline.   

       Anyone know if it would also work with ETOH? If it did work, you could take your Night Train <link> and strain it. Get drunk without all the nasty taste.
Klaatu, Mar 28 2008

       Awesome! Free booze! do we have any more of those $500 parkas? No? How about the beermash(?) supply? How is that holding up?
GutPunchLullabies, Mar 28 2008

       Seawater contains a little bit of everything. It was long ago discovered that the amount of gold in seawater is insufficient to make its recovery economically viable, but ethanol is another matter.   

       A huge barrage of these membranes, filtering tens of millions of gallons of seawater, should yield a litre or two of ethanol.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 06 2008

       this paper uses ptfe Osmotic Distillation to change alcohol amount of beverages NOTE the paper uses a second fluid to absorb the alcohol   

       I'm thinking that beermash on ptfe will create condensable highly concentrated etoh on a chillable side   

       theres a diagram at the link that hints this works at different pressures   

       [link] OD of a high-alcohol-content wine at a temperature of 10–20°C using plain water as the stripping liquid can rapidly reduce its alcohol content to levels down to 6% with minimal loss of its flavor and fragrance components. (Of course, the process permits removal of nearly all the ethanol, if that is desired.) The mechanism of the process, as illustrated in Figure 10, takes advantage of three factors: (1) ethanol is the most volatile component in the wine and the most rapidly diffusing species across the membrane,
Treon, Apr 07 2008


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