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Faster fast food

No ordering, Just pay and eat.
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You give them two bucks.

Your handed a hot dog and a coke as you walk in the door.

Sit. eat. drink. leave.

Once we get the bugs out of the system. We will add other items to menu.

popbottle, Jun 24 2014

Fast food is unhealthy... Belly-dump_20Hearse
...and when it kills you, this is how you'll be buried. [Wrongfellow, Apr 05 2017]

Cheeseburger Pepsi. https://youtu.be/puJePACBoIo
[AusCan531, Apr 06 2017]


       This is perfectly a halfbakery worthy idea. I'll take two though. That'll throw a wrench in their operations. Or do I just return to the back of the line while I eat my first delectable wiener? Love this. +
blissmiss, Jun 24 2014

       Rapide prix fixe.
LimpNotes, Jun 24 2014

       The door itself could be contrived such that:
upon crossing the threshhold, a small but startling electric shock is administered to the patron, causing their mouth to fall open;
the first mechanical arm swings down from the ceiling with a frankfurter which is - still aglisten with brine - jammed into the open mouth of the patron like a broomhandle into a prison anus;
the second mechanical arm swings down and inserts a nasogastric tube into the patron's face, down which is squirted lukewarm post-mix cola; and then
the floor plate rotates, spinning the patron round 180 degrees - causing (a) loose change to fly from his or her pockets and fall into the cash collection grille in the floor and (b) the nasogastric tube to whip out; and
leaving the patron deposited bewildered yet strangely satisfied on the sunwarmed stripmall sidewalk.
calum, Jun 24 2014

       ^Yes please! Minus *that* simile!
LimpNotes, Jun 24 2014

       I misread the title as "Easter fast food" which sounds great - roast spring lamb with new potatoes, for example.
hippo, Jun 24 2014

       [calum] you have the gift of making even the simplest idea turn into the strangest experience. Thanks for that.
blissmiss, Jun 24 2014

       what [bliss] said. (I'm laughing and choking at the same time.)
xandram, Jun 24 2014

       Alas, this Idea is Baked by every buffet-style restaurant on the planet. WKTE
Vernon, Jun 24 2014

       I just tried to post this idea, but thought I would search first just in case.   

       My "new" idea is Same thing except a choice between a hamburger and a burrito. Time for a nap... at least.   

       I just tried to post this idea (for second time ). Has this happened to you? Am I headed to the booby-hatch?
popbottle, Apr 04 2017

       No, you're already there. That's why you're not allowed sharp objects.
8th of 7, Apr 04 2017

       Sounds like a diet, or lack thereof, issue.   

       I'm more than reasonably sure that, when I walk up to a street vendor who has $2/3/4 dogs, and hand them 2,3, or 4 dollars, I will get the appropriately priced meal substitute without the need for verbal interplay.
FlyingToaster, Apr 05 2017

       I didn't know hot dogs were handed. Is that why they curve?
RayfordSteele, Apr 05 2017


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