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Food Pill Playground Platform Subscription

Minimal food solution to replace restaurants
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Rather than dedicate all of that energy to keeping stuff ultra hygienic and packing people into stalls so that you can jam them full of over fatted, sugared and alcoholed food products, this platform would sell subscriptions to what would essentially be food pills, and then organize recreational playground activities for all ages with the extra energy that would have been spent cooking, and preparing, the food and paying for all of the hospital support and lost time at work that an over-fooded populace engenders.

Everyone subscribing would be fed something along the lines of 6 oz of plain fish, one glass of water, plain broccoli, rice and two pieces of fruit, once or twice a day, and then dll of their extra recreational time would be spent in the following environment:

Restaurant spaces could basically be optimized to move people around instead of to trap them in one place and force as much food as possible through them. Young people could be outfitted with foam wings and padding and be put in wind tunnels and older folks could don protective prophylactic gear and canned air apparatus and roll around in a great big pile feeling eachother up.

JesusHChrist, Nov 08 2014


       ( echo ) " Step away from the Red Bull vending machine and keep your hands where we can see them "
normzone, Nov 08 2014

       "All Your Pies Are Belong To Us …"
8th of 7, Nov 08 2014

       You've somehow created a replacement for one minor function of restaurants, tacked on a whole bunch of things restaurants DONT do, and made the whole experience as enjoyable as, well, eating a tasteless bit of nutrition and tumbling about with some old people. As an experience: fail. as an idea: fail. As a replacement for what it's supposed to replace: fail. As satire: c. I'm actually kind of impressed.
Voice, Nov 11 2014


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