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Food Court - Combos

Ability to mix brands for value meals and combos at a food court.
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Sometimes you just crave mixture... In real life had a prego wife who had to have a portillo's chicken sandwich, BK Fries, Wendys Frosty and a piece of pumpkin pie in july... Spent an hour in drive throughs serving the hormonoly challenged.

Some of my favorite multi-branded combo meals.

1. Whopper, Mcdonald fries, Arby Shake & Subway Cookie.

2. Subway BMT, Wendy's Baked Potato, Mcdonalds Diet Coke.

3. KFC Mashed Potatoes, Popeye's Cajun Rice, 1 Piece Popeyes Extra Crispy, 1 Piece KFC Original.

4. Al's Beef Sandwhich with Patio's Sausage and hot peppers, Mario's Italian Ice and Pasta Salad.

Not sure how they would split costs but the customer is always right and that's their problem.

Maybe combo franchising where you can sell multibranded food for concessions...

Shapharian, Sep 18 2007


       That would be a call for a list. You'll have to find some way around that. Help file, over there on the left under "Meta".
normzone, Sep 18 2007

       oops... Thanks. and corrected.
Shapharian, Sep 18 2007

       That's some cuisine you have there. Still alive you say? How about that.
Texticle, Sep 18 2007

       Healthy as a Rat ;)
Shapharian, Sep 18 2007

       I think I saw a place in the States that did something like this once. About 10 fast food places in the food court and you could mix and match whatever combo you wanted. As I recall, the place was sort of a ripoff (they jacked up the prices), but I didn't realize at the time that it was strange. I distinctly remember getting KFC, a Whopper and A&W root beer. Strange.
Shadow Phoenix, Sep 18 2007

       I was in a food court in Medan, Indonesia, where you bought a charge card on the way in. You could wander through the court ordering what you pleased, paying with the card. The extra-good news was that they'd each deliver to your table.   

       Here in a small town in Missouri, there's a KFC/Long John Silvers. I know I've seen other two-brand fast-food restaurants, but I seldom go in them. I also seldom buy combo meals, for some reason.   

       But this idea is to make combo meals out of food from two or more brands. I don't think that really rates as an invention.   

       If you want to save money at a fast food place, don't buy potato products, and don't buy drinks. Which doesn't make the combo meal your wife is craving, I know.
baconbrain, Sep 18 2007

       bun for serving the hormonally challenged. + (was it a boy or a girl?)
k_sra, Sep 19 2007

       Twas a Girl...
Shapharian, Sep 19 2007

       I don't see this as a call for a list, I see this as a valid marketing concept. The fast food venues may not care for it, but the mall management company may think it's the bee's knees.   

       Love it.
elhigh, Oct 04 2007


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