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Fast Slow Food

With incremental drone delivery
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Ms Christ and I ate a 10 course meal the other night and the best part was that we got to have a little conversation in between each course, so my normal shark-frenzy eating style was interrupted in a good way.

I was thinking that this is what slow food is supposed to be all about but last time I tried slow food I got pissed off at the company and ended up binge eating a bag of Fritos in frustration and protest and then hating myself and the whole experience.

What I need is some technological mediation, so like say for instance drones.

You order a 10 course meal (tapas) from Amazon and they send a stream of drones, one arriving every 10 minutes, and there you have a two hour meal with drinks and desert, and an education in slow living, a break for your binge eating habit, and a new cool tech experience.

Of course the cheap version could be done With a timer and a vending machine.

JesusHChrist, Sep 12 2016

https://what-if.xkcd.com/28/ [hippo, Sep 14 2016]

Re-entry Fried Chicken Re-entry Fried Chicken
[mitxela, Sep 14 2016]


       If the drones could cook it while they were flying, so much the better.
RayfordSteele, Sep 12 2016

       [JesusHChrist] it's good to have you back!
whatrock, Sep 12 2016

       + and drones are as popular as gluten isn't.
popbottle, Sep 13 2016

       Methanol for fuel-cell and cooking. Easier to store than H2.
FlyingToaster, Sep 14 2016

       And before anyone asks, cooking food by heating it as it re-enters the atmosphere from space is not easy (see link)
hippo, Sep 14 2016

       [hippo] that what-if was evidently plagiarised from the HB's own Re-entry Fried Chicken [link]. It also misses the point, it should be travelling at orbital velocity when released, not just dropped from a height.
mitxela, Sep 14 2016

       Just use some sufficiently inefficient motors and pipe enough waste heat with a waste gate operated under a feedback control loop?
RayfordSteele, Sep 14 2016

       The thing XKCD is missing is the pod specified in "Re-entry Fried Chicken" which makes me think it wasn't actually plagiarized.   

       Based on the research for XKCD, it sounds like orbital velocity isn't actually required. Now people have talked about trying to use a canon to launch things into orbit, but that's basically a fool's errand. However, if we used a very high power cannon that failed to launch something to the edge of space, it might be powerful enough to deliver objects over a large metro area. If the pod is designed to capture the extreme heat from air compression and deliver it to the payload at a controlled rate, then deploy a remote controlled steerable parachute to allow precise non-destructive landing on your outdoor patio just as the cooking is complete, I think we might have a solution.
scad mientist, Sep 14 2016

       What [whatrock] said. Plus, Mindfulness Eating. Go to a silent Zen Retreat for 4-10 days, eat as the Buddhist Monks do. You control the pace of your meal, and it literally feels like days between each bite. Plus you are starving from the little, tiny last meal you had prior, that took forever to eat, sandwiched in between two hours of non-stop meditating.   

       Mindfulness Eating. Same result, I think. Sans conversation.
blissmiss, Sep 15 2016

       + I need this.
xandram, Sep 15 2016


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