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Feces Pieces

A gag food made to resemble Reese's Pieces.
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From the makers of Rat's Milk Cheese comes our latest in a line of off-color gag foods....Feces Pieces.
Yellow, Brown and Orange candy-coated pieces of creamy feces, packaged to look like Reese's Pieces, made famous by E.T., that loveable extraterestrial.
Tired of greedy co-workers always stealing candy from the candy dish at work? Feces Pieces will teach them a lesson.
The boss coming down on you a little too hard lately? Reward him with a one-pound bag of Feces Pieces for his upcoming birthday!!
Have a little kid who always wants "more! more! more!"? Give him some Feces Pieces to change his tune.
This item is so foul, it will have you and your friends rolling with laughter.
rcornell, Mar 10 2001

(?) Dookie Chocolate http://www.halfbake.../Dookie_20Chocolate
Zippy's already covered this territory. [iuvare, Mar 10 2001]

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       M&M's was offered the chance to feature their product in E.T. but turned it down. It was a goldmine for Reese's though. I'm sure whatever adverstising exec. at M&M Mars that turned it down was canned when E.T. hit #1.
rcornell, Mar 11 2001

       I suspect the Feces Peices will ne more nutritionally viable than their lard based bretheren.
robgraham2, Oct 08 2004

       Shit-shaped chocolate I would [+], but chocolate-shaped shit? Sorry, [-].
wagster, Oct 08 2004

       //Shit-shaped chocolate I would [+], but chocolate-shaped ? //   

       waugsquek, that's already invented. Sold in practical joke stores. Useful for gross bets.
DesertFox, Oct 09 2004

       [df] - I'm not [waugs], but thanks for the info anyway. I think.
wagster, Oct 09 2004


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