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Feet medical pads

Feet being constantly treated
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Pads, shaped the size of your feet. To be worn at all times and replaced whenever necessary. These pads would constantly deliver medication for the treatment of foot (fungal) problems, eg. fungicide for Athlete's Foot or Ringworm.
LoneRifle, Mar 17 2003

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       How is this better than spraying the medication on the inside of your socks?
DrCurry, Mar 17 2003

       [DrCurry] or applying a cream. I guess in the case of pads, the feet are constantly exposed to the medication contained within the pad. That way, you don't have to reapply as often as you need to change the pads...
LoneRifle, Mar 17 2003

       So you wear the pads on the inside of your socks?
snarfyguy, Mar 17 2003

       hmm.. i get the impression that this could end up working just like the barrage of antibacterial soaps/sponges/ lotions/etc that we have today: breeding the absolute strongest, treament-resistent bacteria/microbes/etc that we possibly can.   

       and people wonder why we have drug-resistant tuberculosis in NY! it started in a homeless shelter -- across the street from a research hospital. sorry, evolution's going to come back and screw you with things that have generation periods 10,000x shorter than yours.   

       use the stuff when you need it; when you don't, you avoid selecting for resistant forms by letting the non-virulent ones outcompete them for food.
MacBellend, Mar 17 2003

       snarfy: yea....   

       Mac: the case you mentioned happens only when the user stops the use of whatever treatment the user is using. In the case of the pad, when the fungus/etc is exposed to the treatment constantly, it would not be able to adapt, as it is unable to gain a reprieve from the effects of the treatment to adapt and recover.
LoneRifle, Mar 17 2003


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