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Female Beer Bottles

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The female beer bottle has a softly tapered midline. From there down it curves outward gently suggesting the hips. The slightest definition tantalizes where thighs and buttock cheeks are. At the waist the holder's thumb is happily distracted as it finds it's way to the irresistible cradle of the gentle navel. The thumb can fondle the smooth glass upwards to the slight prominence of the rib cage before discovering the contours of each breast.

The female beer bottle commands it's own picnic before quenching your thirst.

hollajam, Oct 16 2002

(??) Virgin Cola's 'Pammy' Bottle http://www.verpacku...e/1998/pdf/soft.pdf
See article on silver bottle.
Based, apparently on the figure of Pamlea Anderson Lee. [Jinbish, Oct 16 2002]

(???) hollajam's wish is Michelob's command http://www.itsgames...le%20SML%20copy.jpg
Hardly prurient, but as described. [jurist, Oct 18 2002]

Dawn French http://dawnfrench.tripod.com/
For those unlucky not to have come across the goddess of comedy. (She lives near me too!) [PeterSilly, Oct 18 2002]

Silicon Implant trackball Sillicon_20Implant_20trackball
Same sort of thing, but focused more on one, lovely, part. [James Newton, Jul 06 2006]


       Mrs Butterworth has it going on.
reensure, Oct 16 2002

       ...ah...but she doesn't have a navel, she has her clothes on...   

       [Jinbish] funny how none of my keywords brought up results. It never occured to me to enter "soda" or "pop" for such. Haven't seen the link yet, must be popular...
hollajam, Oct 16 2002

       Jinbish: Would that Pamela Lee figure be before, after, or after?
Mr Burns, Oct 16 2002

       This would just be a champagne flute, no?
bristolz, Oct 16 2002

       No. Try to think of Aunt Jamima at 16 au natural but with beer inside - sort of - definately sexy ergonomics though.   

       bris, I posted this along with a complementary idea today...
hollajam, Oct 16 2002

       If I had my druthers, the man would be holding a can of beer in one hand, if he must, and *my* female figure in his other.
blissmiss, Oct 16 2002

       I was kind of thinking of single guys or those stuck alone when I came up with this, but yeah to what you said blissmiss.
hollajam, Oct 16 2002

       You missed my point, but that's okay.
bristolz, Oct 16 2002

       Well, no then...<laughing> ...but I just haven't learned to expect that from you girl!
hollajam, Oct 16 2002

       I see that you're working on a theme. Yes! Let's put sensuality back into everyday objects. A gently suggestive croissant for hollajam.
ldischler, Oct 18 2002

       If these are to some kind of scale, pass me a Dawn French...
PeterSilly, Oct 18 2002

       bliss: [Hic] c'm'ere, babe...
DrCurry, Oct 18 2002

       DrCurry, <no end in sight giggles> that is the funniest thing I've heard you write. ...Now my husband wants me to tell him all about these beer bottles..."just a minute please"...funny, he wasn't too interested before. "Please..."   

       [ldischler] Everyday is a sensual day for me. I use to worry about that sometimes here at the bakery. Thanks for the nice croissant. It started out a little flaky, but it's great now. Mmm...good...   

       <mouth full (in case you wondered)> interesting to see how the complimentary themes work out in the end... "Whoa, geez..."
hollajam, Oct 18 2002

       + :) When I saw the title, I thought this would be an idea for smaller beer bottles (since women, on average, have lower body mass than men and therefore get drunker on the same number of "drinks")
allterrainbrain, Jul 06 2006

       Am I the only one who finds this description a little blue?
shapu, Jul 06 2006

       I think it's a gentle, inoffensive shade of blue, and I'm going to bun it.   

       I just hope, [hollajam], that you're not restricted to groping inanimate objects for too long... unless you like warm beer and cold fingers.
pertinax, Jul 06 2006

       Oh, no, I wasn't complaining about it at all.
shapu, Jul 06 2006

       I had a pen that was shaped like this.
normzone, Jul 06 2006

       I do hope women are not offended, but most men, and myself certainly, are just absolutely fascinated by the female form. We can't help it; that's what makes us guys. We try to keep it to a dull roar and not be jerks about it, but anything that looks or feels like a woman is just attractive as all heck.   

       Now, the question is where is the line between being cool about it and being a jerk. My "Silicon Implant trackball" idea (see link) may be on the wrong side of the line (I hope not) but I'm happy to see that so far, this lovely bottle idea is doing well. And a bun from me.
James Newton, Jul 06 2006

       <Shameless self promotion>   

       Will these bottles be compatible with the automated beer bottle setter? I assume so. the two breasts might even make them easier to balance...
ye_river_xiv, Jul 07 2006


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