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reduced water content beer can

A can for reduced-water-content beer
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very short beer can, with collapsible cup attached on top.

The user de-collapses the cup, fills it with tap water, filtered or not. Pulls the cord attached to the pull-ring. The reduced-water-content beer is driven out under pressure from CO2 and homogenises with the water.

Save carrying a heavy six-pack home and the brewery gets to save on water in the brewing process, and doesn't have to truck all that useless water around in the first place. Smaller packaging means more types of beer can be displayed in the same area of the store.

Oh, the reduced-water-content bit is an osmotic filter at the bottom of the brewing tower, I think there's enough pressure there to make it happen fairly quick.


       I can understand the sentiment - this would come in handy for backpacking, but it's going to taste funky.   

       This is the Halfbakery. "Seriously" hardly ever enters into it, and when it does it's usually for matters of ettiquette or technical issues.
normzone, Jun 20 2009

       Choice of username? Foolishly, I decided to be honest. Maybe there's a self-help group for serial patentors where I can do the one day at a time program..   

       "backpacking, but it's going to taste funky" ...check that stream first..   

       I don't think *necessity* is a factor in choosing a user name, twenty-one-questions. <edit> he states a fairly fair case. Although I question how many random pantents have emerged. Also, if they're really random, then can he take a part in being a victim? Victims require aggressors, those require awareness, and randomness knows not what it does.   

       The idea is a bit shady. That is I think I disagree. Firstly, there is no immiscible phases to homogenize in beer, save the bacterial floaters that are left in some brews. But, even then its an unstable suspension and not a true homogenization.   

       Also, does the brew come from a CO2 pressurized vessel near the bottom of the can, or some sort of weakly discussed osmotic filter. I think you just need the vessel, screw a filter.
daseva, Jun 20 2009

       Welcome [ random _patenter_syndrome_victim ], nice nick.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jun 20 2009

       Gentleman (I presume) I don't mind a little ribbing on my username, so let's call a truce. To be honest, taking it hiking isn't quite what it's aimed at, as you'd have to carry the water along anyway, or be optimistic about stream water.   

       It's more for the home user, as they have a tap. The CO2 is in the lower part of the can, with the RWC beer. If it ain't pressurised then it probably would just lurk at the bottom of the vessel, which would kind of take away the point.   

       I just got bored or lugging beer around. That can has been on a truck to the shop, which is waste of diesel. People jumped up and down about bottled water, but as yet no one has made the same connection about beer or whatever. I think it kind of behooves the brewing trade to avoid this issue if they don't want bad PR in the near future.   

       The concept merits warrant maybe. getting high conc. beer how? Distillation? You'll lose all your alco trying to get the water out, you'll degrade all your proteins at high temp. The whole reduced-water-content idea is funny, sounds like reduced-fat potato chips. You're talking about removing water from alcohol all la-de-da, but its not that easy. If you know of a sort of ionic osmotic filter that could work, inhibiting the flow of the apolar alcohol species in either direction, that would be kinda interesting.   

       //I've seen worse. It's better than 'pocketassreturn' or 'DeliveranceRiverBoatCaptain' .//   

       //but quit cluttering the HB with your derogatory and insulting comments.//   

       You did it to yourself, 21.
daseva, Jun 20 2009

       Oh hell, let's all go out to the woods and have a bear, I mean BEER.
blissmiss, Jun 20 2009

       // They don't belong here. //   

       "Oh yes they do !"   

       This would be a terrible and heritecal thing to do to Real Ale. However, for many lager-style beers, it would make little or no difference as they all taste like horse urine anyway.
8th of 7, Jun 20 2009

       //WTF is your problem, AWOL?//
Under-developed sense of humour; that's my problem. I got into trouble for it at school.

       //I refuse to actually type out that whole name // That's what cut-and-paste is for.   

       //and the lack of a nice ring to them// Right, [21quest].
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jun 20 2009


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