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Fly Taped Beer Can

Fly Taped Beer Can
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OK, you drink your beer, before you toss it, you pull off a strip of plastic around the upper rim which uncovers a sticky beer fly trap.To get those little buggers stuck at the source before they take over the world.
SuperHole, Sep 22 2006


       We used to use water in used jam jars, but if flies go for beer, I don't see why not. +
DrCurry, Sep 23 2006

       Never in my home, but had to give you a bun. Good work. (+)
fearlessatmosphere, Sep 23 2006

       <Obligatory WIFRT> When I first read this I thought it was a way for beer drinkers to tape empty beer cans to their fly in order to prevent accidents on the way to the restroom.   

       [Super], I was not aware beer flies were out to take over the world. Thanks.
Canuck, Sep 23 2006

       "Red bull gives you wings"
DrCurry, Sep 23 2006

       I had to drink alot of beers for this one.Finally I got some Buns.Thank You, Good Night, I Love You All !
SuperHole, Sep 24 2006

       {Canuck] Alot of great inventors found somthing purely by accident , while playing with others inventions.In my eyes, I believe you have just done this.
SuperHole, Sep 24 2006

       And WIFRT, I thought it was an accessory for fishermen who keep losing their bait. (just grab another off the can).
caliman, Sep 25 2006


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