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Fiberoptic Cylinder Windows

Lets you see whats happening inside your engine
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Engine tuning can be done by observing the color of the flame propogation front. Special spark plugs were used that had quartz windows in them to allow you to see the color in the cylinder. Also a lot can be discerned by observation of the flame color.

This technique is used extensively to tune burners on furnaces and boilers.

I propose a set of Fiber optic windows connected from your cylinders to your dashboard that are also linked to a set of sensors. This would, during normal observation result in a bank of Pulsing lights that will allow you to observe cylinder operation directly and the sensor suite could use the information to tune fuel delivery to each cylinder allowing for much more precise tuning than can be done by a single o2 Sensor.

jhomrighaus, Aug 07 2006

Gunnison Colortune http://www.gadgetjq.com/ctune.htm
The old way to tune [jhomrighaus, Aug 07 2006]


       My only want for the next generation of cars are a series of pulsing light on the dashboard.
jellydoughnut, Aug 09 2006

       Carbon build up could be avoided if it were not a permanent modification. If the fiber optic windows were used as more of a diagnostic tool for relatively short periods of time, you could get all the information you need to tune accordingly without worrying about the buildup. Or just remove the tube and clean the end with carb cleaner periodically.
Hunter79764, Aug 12 2006

       Obviously this has a vey big silly factor built in. I have dissassembled many engines and you are correct this would be a challenge to maintain. But it would be Really cool to look at.
jhomrighaus, Aug 12 2006

       At higher than a slow idle, the lights wouldn't appear pulse, they would seem to remain a solid color throughout. Also very helpful.
jellydoughnut, Aug 13 2006


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