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Idiot Driving Early Warning System™

Know in Advanced When You're Driving Like an Idiot!
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We have all seen how people tend to drive erratically as they talk on their cell phone yet nobody ever thinks that they do it. Therefore, the early warning system can monitor how the driver is manuvering the car and alert him in the event that he starts driving like an idiot.

Sometimes a motorist starts out doing a good job driving while being on the phone but he can also get so wrapped up into the conversation that he isn't even aware that he is disrupting the flow of traffic. And of course he is also oblivious to the dirty looks and angry gestures as people try to figure out how to get around him without getting into an accident.

Jscotty, Aug 03 2008


       That would be illegal in the UK. Can you still use a cell phone while driving in the US?
gnomethang, Aug 03 2008

       Yes. Some places in the US where cell phone usage (while driving) is banned we are permitted to use the headset.
Jscotty, Aug 04 2008

       In the UK you'd have too many morons trying to fool the system. (*sigh*)
kuupuuluu, Aug 04 2008

       Remove the airbags and seat belts from cars.   

       Mobile phone (ab)users will have more (hopefully fatal) accidents, and remove themselves from the gene pool.   

       Good old Darwin ...........
8th of 7, Aug 04 2008


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