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Higher contrast indicators

An LCD layer on top of the diffuser to increase visibility in sunlight
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In bright sunlight it is sometimes impossible to tell the difference between a car indicator lamp that is on or off, even if you're looking directly at it. Making lights brighter than the sun would be one solution, but here's another.

A black LCD layer on top of the lamp's diffuser which is dark when the lamp is off and transparent when it is on. No matter how bright the ambient light it will always be possible to tell that the indicator is blinking when looking at it.

This still might not be enough to catch the corner of someone's eye however, so a larger LCD layer over each half of the boot or rear window might help, as long as it is positioned so that the driver's rear visibility isn't affected.

idris83, Apr 03 2012


       ...or "e-ink indicators"
hippo, Apr 03 2012


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