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Personalised Vibrator

a special present so as he/she will never forget you
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A picture of your face on the end of a vibrator. Imagine giving your wife/girlfriend a multi-speed dildo with your smiling face on it.

Using a dye-sublimation heat press/transfer onto polyester/plastic, customers via mail-order, or advertised in sex shops, would merely provide a picture of themselves with text if any to go onto the product.

A warning label would suggest its use for 'ornamental purposes only' to evade any legal liability if customers return to point of sale with very colourful genitalia - (this however shouldn't happen, as the dye-sub heat transfer sets the ink into the polyester - a process used for coffee mugs now that are dish-washer compatible).

This idea could extend to pictures of celebrities i.e Ricky Martin, Britney Spears, Spice Girls, Pokemon etc - to which licensing would need to be obtained if the business grew large enough. Perhaps though this could be side stepped if the products were marketed as 'art', suggesting parody.

benfrost, Aug 07 2001

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Similar idea but looks different and not as personal as your own face [benfrost, Aug 07 2001]

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I tried it with a z as well. [angel, Aug 07 2001]

(?) An even more personalized toy http://www.morningwoodlabs.com
<Warning: Not for work.> Take a mold, make a cast, and they'll make a custom cast of one's naughtybits for you. Even glow in the dark... [StarChaser, Mar 31 2002]

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toys? [po, Mar 31 2002]


       Do women actually fantasize about their partners?
inspain, Aug 07 2001

       it depends. not if they're electric and dye-sub heat transferred though.
Beeeeeg Fishbone. Those little rabbit ear things and the whizzy-round ball bearings are quite enough to cope with.
lewisgirl, Aug 08 2001

       I'll run it by my wife. Or does it run by batteries?
dandr, Mar 31 2002


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