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Go Diego Go: The Live Action Movie

Computerized animals! Alien artifacts! And holy moly look at Alicia!
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I have been watching some Go Diego Go lately. More than a little bit. Diego is pitched at preschoolers and is somewhat tarred by association with the gentle inanity of his cousin Dora, but this hero concept has solid foundations. I think that Diego could be great on the big screen. It would be a fast paced adventure movie, full of action but OK even for the little fans of Diego.

Envision Diego as a fully clothed cross between Tarzan, Indiana Jones and Doctor Doolittle, which is essentially how he is portrayed now. In the movie he is not 8 but 18, and a hot hot hottie with tousled hair and deep brown eyes who pets tapirs and does his own gymnastics. His sentient tools Rescue Pack and Click are weird alien artifacts that he found in an ancient temple. Diego can speak to the CGI animals, some of which only speak subtitled spanish. Some are ferocious and some brooding, but all of them respect Diego.

Diego would open the movie rescuing animals by battling one natural disaster after another, occurring in such rapid succession that Baby Jaguar (all grown up and pure CGI cat muscle) rolls his eyes. Then the animals begin to disappear and (with Alicia's help) Diego must figure out why, find them, rescue them, and ultimately face aliens who themselves are animal rescuers and hope to save the animals from human ignorance.

One major change: Diego would not shout everything he says but would occasionally speak in moderate tones. The Diego theme music needs no help, especially the rocking timbale solo that closes the show.

Nickelodeon execs, I should mention that my consulting fees are dirt cheap. The above is only a tickler.

bungston, Nov 13 2009

(?) Go Diego Go http://www.nickjr.c...-go-characters.html
For those unfamiliar with his awesomeness. Sorry about the ad. [bungston, Nov 13 2009]

Go Diego Go Live! http://www.ew.com/e...0,,20034513,00.html
Not a movie, a stage show. [jutta, Nov 13 2009]


       Actually, this very concept has been somewhat of a running joke between my friends and I for quite a while. Your description does the premise complete justice. An enthusiastic [+] and plea for a more in-depth analysis of Rescue Pack's role in the film.
DrWorm, Nov 13 2009

       I've always wanted to see rescue pack transform into some kind of giant robot.
DrWorm, Nov 13 2009

       Rescue Pack could really be a lot of fun in the movie. It would be animated like a Transformer.   

       1. Usually when prompted by Diego's need, Rescue Pack offers two options, one of which is patently unsuitable for the job. Sometime in the movie Diego should take Pack up on the unsuitable option and then rock the world in a unexpected way using, for example, an umbrella instead of a jetski. Pack might initially try to talk him out of it.   

       2. Diego could have Pack turn into a fork to help with spaghetti.   

       3. Click could criticize Pack's choice of transformation options, suggesting something better.   

       4. Pack could kibitz unasked on the unfolding action - this very late in the movie since Pack never to my knowledge offers suggestions or commentary in the show but it would be funny to have him pipe up.   

       DrWorm I would be happy to read about the ideas you and your friends have had along these lines.
bungston, Nov 13 2009

       I am glad to have the HB when I hit these manic streaks.   

       It became clear to me that Rescue Pack should turn into a giant robot in the end to confront the aliens; they are also giant robots and Pack turns out to be one of them, and speaks on behalf of human kind and Diego. I envision these as giant anthropomorphic animal Inca robots, a la Chariots of the Gods.
bungston, Nov 13 2009

       Who is Diego? 5 words or less^H^H^H fewer please.
zen_tom, Nov 13 2009

       /Who is Diego? 5 words or less/   

       A cartoon animal rescuing hero.
bungston, Nov 13 2009

       Diego is not a cartoon animal, he's Dora's nephew.
zeno, Nov 15 2009


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