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Delete link/anno confirmation

The HB should ask "Are you sure?" when I click delete
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I have, on more than one occasion, deleted something I didn't mean to -- once, an anno to one of my ideas, once a link from one of my ideas.

Since I'd originally posted the link originally, I was able to add it back, but the only thing I was able to do about the deleted anno was apologize.

I would like it very much if, when I click on a "delete" link, the HB would send me to an "are you sure?" page, just as it does when I delete one of my ideas.

To prevent this from being too annoying for persons who are intentionally deleting numerous links or annos, the possible answers might be "no, don't delete it", "yes, delete it", "yes, and don't ever ask me this again", and "yes, and don't ask me this again for 24 hours."

Alternatively, I'd like to be able to un-delete links and annotations which I've accidentally deleted... but that's a different idea, and one which doubtless requires more programming work, and more HB storage.

goldbb, Jun 16 2010

confirmation_20screen [mouseposture, Jun 17 2010]

Climate of Quito, Ecuador http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Quito#Climate
Day length and climate are stable. Looks nice! Sweater and corduroys year round. [bungston, Jun 23 2010]


       Another excellent alternative would be to repost the anno from memory but have it appear attributed to the person you think originally posted it. This function would be useful in many other respects as well.
bungston, Jun 16 2010

       under "meta", click on the "report a problem" link. Describe what happened, and send [jutta] 50 bucks.   

       She might not be able to help, but if you do it on a regular basis, I think she'd figure out a way...
lurch, Jun 17 2010

       Perhaps it's a darwinian thing - no percentage in protecting those who heedlessly click. I don't lose things on the 'bakery that way, but I have thrown away some things needlessly on Improbable Island.
normzone, Jun 17 2010

       It had been posted at least once...maybe twice before your version.   

       it got deleted...
po, Jun 17 2010

       //I got 7 fishbones on my version of this... and not a single anno explaining why.// Both versions are the same, but some are more "the same" than others - Bakeryfarm 2010.
xenzag, Jun 17 2010

       //The HB should ask "Are you sure?" when I click delete// The HB should ask "Are you sure?" when I click annotate, shirley?
4whom, Jun 17 2010

       //an OCD bout of trying to be normal // Hate to point this out, but....you know what I mean, err, median, err, mode...
4whom, Jun 17 2010

       [bigsleep] you owe me a new keyboard.
4whom, Jun 17 2010

       Ahh, c'mon, what's this!? We aren't good enough for each others' mistakes? But but but, I lost a really great annotation and it was ten miles long and and....   

       I say thank god. It's called an annotation, after all. My question is this, how many bones will the idea get that says limit annotations to 250 words? I know that's not the point of this idea but Jeez! If you lose something, let's hope it wasn't so long that you can't bring it back, otherwise it probably wasn't worth the time anyways.   

       I mean, I see these people that basically take up an entire page of text on my screen just padding around a singular notion, buttering it up with words that don't even relate to the original beast and making the whole thing just barely readable enough that they hope, somewhere deep inside a brain cavity that no longer gets knocks at the door, they hope someone is bored enough to read through their whole barrage of anti-wit just so they can suffer the illusion that their mental gushing wasn't spent in vain. What a great place to post an idea and get real-time critisism?! Nay, what a great place to post an idea and hear someone talk about themselves and the way they feel. And that's. How. I. Feel. Ha!
daseva, Jun 17 2010

       Now, now. Ad cromagnonem attacks were not called for...
4whom, Jun 17 2010

       Damn. I just deleted my own extremely witty and relevant post.
jtp, Jun 17 2010

       [jtp] Are you sure?
4whom, Jun 17 2010

       daseva, If I accidentally delete an link or anno that I myself posted, it's not a big deal for me to retype it.   

       If, on the other hand, I were to accidentally delete *your* anno, what can I do, other than apologize for my carelessness?   

       Even if I were to type in what I thought you said, the attribution on the anno would be me, not you, and it would be out of order from the other annotations, possibly resulting in some confusion.   

       And, while I could certainly email jutta to ask for it to be fixed each and every time that I make a mistake, I think that would be a bit much to ask. :)
goldbb, Jun 21 2010

       I hadn't thought of that scenario. Hmm. I forgot we could delete what others say! Off I go to delete you bastards!
daseva, Jun 21 2010

       and maybe it should also ask this BEFORE one posts an idea---"are you SURE???"
xandram, Jun 21 2010

       Any deletion could be marked for some time with hovering vulture symbols, to allow pity on its worthlessness, pleas for its pardon, or to allow one to quickly read it then cheer on its imminent demise.
bungston, Jun 21 2010

       In that other post, as I recall, you were quite content to have other people harshly punished, if not killed, for minor mistakes (in a "cleaning out the gene pool" sort of way). That you at the same time asked me to make sure your own mistakes had no consequences maybe wasn't related in your mind; I thought it contrasted nicely.   

       But this is just rehashing an old fight and really has nothing to do with the problems or benefits of confirmation questions or "undo" in general.   

       I think there should be an Undo everywhere, and there should never be "Are you sure?" confirmation questions anywhere (because knives should be sharp, not dull). Also, I should get a sense of humor, people should spell better, and post more intelligent ideas with more advance research; and days in the winter really get way too short and cold, and ovens should go up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit so we can make decent pizza at home. Anything else?
jutta, Jun 21 2010

       //there should be an Undo everywhere// Damn straight. We need Undo in meatspace, but most of the time, all we get are those stupid "Are you sure?" confirmations.
mouseposture, Jun 22 2010

       //and days in the winter really get way too short and cold//[jutta]....Which I think is just her way of saying "Happy Summer Solstice" to us all, and reminding us to be happy for the enjoyment we find in the things we too often take for granted. And to be truly inventive about the things which really need to be better.
jurist, Jun 22 2010


       its quite funny when you type in the annotation box and there's no OK box (because you're not logged in).
po, Jun 22 2010

       I think days stay the same length and temperature at the equator. Not sure about all of the rest of this.
bungston, Jun 22 2010

       // Also, I should get a sense of humor, people should spell better, and post more intelligent ideas with more advance research; and days in the winter really get way too short and cold, and ovens should go up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit so we can make decent pizza at home. Anything else?// [jutta]   

       No nothing else, although I do think that that bit about you getting a sense of humour should be prioritised above winter's long 800 degree Fahrenheit pizza nights and people with more advanced research posting better spelling ideas.   

       [golbb] You have to ask yourself why you are clicking delete in the first place. Was it because of a genuine error, or did you just plonk a load of gunk that you are now sorry about because it may reflect badly on your fictitous persona on a site that hosts fictitous personas and all the horrible ideas associated with them. And now this band of disfunctional personas, that masks a group of relatively stable people in their real lives might, just might, think that the person you think they think you are is false and unbelievable.   

       Heh, heh, heh.
4whom, Jun 25 2010


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