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Finger bell

What the ..?
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As you press the doorbell.....

A mechanical index finger pops out of the wall and proceeds to stroke your knuckles.

skinflaps, Mar 20 2005


       Been watching the Addams Family too much again? I did see a cookie bowl that grabbed you when you tried to grab a cookie, so it certainly sounds doable.
DrCurry, Mar 20 2005

       I'd like a doorbell that honked the horn of a car parked in the driveway. That'd be surprising.
bristolz, Mar 21 2005

       Any chance of a long arm version?
blissmiss, Mar 21 2005

       Or a mechanical person at the door saying 'yoooo raaaang?'.
froglet, Mar 21 2005

       I like it but I would be tempted to use my nose the next time.   


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