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Indoors Wind Chime Doorbell

"Pling, plong!" "Who's there?"
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By squeezing the big, red, rubber bulb outside, air is forced through a hole in the wall to flutter a blade on a string so that its knocker strikes the pipe bells to alert the inhabitants that someone is at the door.
FarmerJohn, Apr 24 2003


       How about a tube: "Blow HARD here to activate windchimes".
(Secretly though, your windchimes are electronically activated - the tube is a cunning way to breathalyse your guests)

<obligatory "Oh, sorry I didn't know you were at the door - I'm using Hippo's Silent Dodgy Chimes">
hippo, Apr 24 2003

       oh nice. I love wind chimes even hippo's
po, Apr 24 2003

       I hear you.
FarmerJohn, Apr 24 2003

       Even a cat could operate this. Can I come in pleese, its cold out here.
The Kat, Apr 24 2003

       ++Good. We've seen some good 'baking in the kitchen in the last 24 hours or so, haven't we?
thumbwax, Apr 24 2003

       Yep. Like it.
galukalock, Apr 24 2003


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