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optimized egg shaker possibilities
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On his way to work, of late, the mess-iah has been learning the holy egg shaker, since he can practice it even while stick-shifting and working all four automatic windows through the traffic and the heat, with out air conditioning, alternately grooving yet stewing in his own juices behind sound and air-proof windows, and cooling down in silence within ear and judgement-shot of all of the other single passenger, social-phobic drivers who cant afford to sacrifice their sacrad ritalin-and-prozac-supported bare- minimum-of-sanity to the screaming-social-dynamic- insanity of the rush-hour-subway-crush, so that he may one day be able to overcome his social-phobia and long- standing-self-imposed-boycott of music-making -with- other-people and finally apply-to-be-in-a-band, -make-a- million-dollars- and-not-have-to-choose-between- the- lesser-of-two-evil-ways -to-get-to-a-job-that-he-doesn't- want-to-do.

so there is a lot of time to think about optimized configurations of egg shakers.

i noticed that if you hold it really gently you can hear the bumps of the road translated through your body into the sound of one of the little bbs in the egg shaker rolling around on the inside of the plastic shell. i was thinking how to optimize this and i thought that you could make the shell really hard and really thin, so make it out of graphene say, or i guess the best would be to make a graphene bucky ball out of for instance 60 molecules and have it rolling inside whatever the next possibility up the scale would be which I dont know so maybe you have an icosohedron rolling inside a C60 buckyball? Or would it be better to have the C60 rolling inside a c256 or something. Anyway if you could have as close as possible to a one molecule thick diamond sphere with another sphere just a little bit smaller inside, it would be really responsive. Or at least it would make cool exploitable patterns as it moved.

Or I guess I would settle for two hard spheres rolling inside eachother. I guess the outside one could be stableized by the larger system - a car - but light so it amplifies sound and the inside one could be heavy so it it pays more attention to gravity and momentum than to surface tension and stuff like that. Oh f it I dont know anything about science. All I know is that my boss is away and i am taking the morning to think about egg shakers rather than email.

Ok let me try again. a geodesic egg shaker with a copper coil at each node of the "shell", and a magnet at each node of the yolk.

Or maybe just sensors at each node so you could map the patterns.

JesusHChrist, Aug 01 2012




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