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Electric BBQ with a real flame

Electrolyze water to produce a steady stream of hydrogen gas to cook with
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A stand alone cooker, much like a small single-burner propane unit, or integrated into your regular kitchen stove, the Electric BBQ will serve up that charbroiled flavor without the hassle of hydrocarbons.

This device would eliminate the inherent dangers associated with the storage of aforementioned hydrocarbons, as when unplugged it’s about as dangerous as a bottle of water.

Oxygen from electrolysis may be added in a controlled manner at the point of combustion to enhance the flame (perhaps percolating out of a porous ceramic), or just vented into the room, thus replacing oxygen taken from the air.

I’m not sure about the electrical requirement vs. the amount of hydrogen that can be produced real-time; perhaps someone with knowledge in this area can enlighten me.

TIB, Jan 05 2004


       Hmmmm... interesting.   

       I can think of two issues:   

       The amount of energy required to seperate the hydrogen and oxygen would be pretty large, factoring in inefficiency, you'd probably have high electrical consumption. Also, any inpurities or mineral content in the water would end up on the electrodes, resulting in crusty electrodes.
GenYus, Jan 05 2004

       a hydrogen cell cooker, now there's one way to stop global warming! Yum!
benlevi7, Jan 05 2004

       Um, [benlevi7], only if that electricity is produced through 'green' ways.   

       Mabe, it'd be better if you used heating filimates?
my-nep, Jan 05 2004

       <Lifts leg, sprays> ouch!</lifts bandaged leg & hops away>
The Kat, Jan 05 2004

       Had another thought: This technology could also be used to make a fireplace that runs on water and electricity. Something would have to be added to make the flame visible. Perhaps a fine screen that glows when heated…. The cool thing about this fireplace is that no exhaust would be required. In winter it would act as a humidifier and a heater!
TIB, Jan 06 2004

       inefficiently delicious. +
GutPunchLullabies, Jul 02 2004

       Bah. Nothing is quite the same as a real charcoal barbeque... but I have had some pretty good steaks off of a propane barbeque, and I don't see why you could use hydrogen gas instead. One flame-broiled bun coming right up.
5th Earth, Jul 02 2004

       I've thought about having a hydrogen/oxygen lamp with the fuel being pure water. But a BBQ steak is better then a dinky light...+
swimr, Jul 02 2004


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