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Car Grill

Cook your food while you drive!
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A grill/oven heated by your cars engine so that you could cook your food on the way home from work! It would be in the trunk and have an automated flipping system so that dinner would be done by the time you got home!
youngwizard14, Aug 05 2002

Manifold Destiny http://www.amazon.c...002-3638215-5220809
A cookery book based on this idea. [Aristotle, Aug 06 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       pretty baked really. heard about long-haul drivers putting their fish/meat in tin foil on the engine block and knowing exactly when to pull over for lunch.   

       welcome to the halfbakery BTW.
po, Aug 05 2002

       Yum Yum, diesel flavored rainbow trout. Could I get that with a side of 5W-30 fries?
dag, Aug 05 2002

       Welcome to the Bakery-- Binary said you're a friend of his. How would the engine heat the trunk? Thanks.
watermelancholy, Aug 05 2002

       There's even a cookbook for car grilling. It's called "Cooking on your engine, and it 'auto' be delicious." I didn't come up with that pun..
Mr Burns, Aug 05 2002

       I wonder how much the model of the car changes the taste of the meal?   

       "Hey that's a pretty good ToyotaBurger!"   

       "ToyotaBurger? We only cook on American manifolds in this house!
dag, Aug 05 2002

       There are many cookbooks on this subject. My favorite title is "Manifold Destiny".
half, Aug 05 2002

       Be still my churning stomach
madradish, Aug 06 2002

       Today, [UB] tuaght me what a goanna is, what they taste like, and the true meaning of Christmas. Thank you, UnaBubba!
watermelancholy, Aug 06 2002

       You can buy all sorts of "In Cab" domestic appliances for trucks that run off 24V in a service area on the A25 Autoroute just north of Calais. I was amazed. Not just kettles; filter coffee makers, refrigerators, grills, ovens, the whole ball of wax.   

       On steam railway engines, it is Standard Operational Procedure to tap off boiling water to make tea or coffee, and you can also cook bacon and eggs on a speciay cleaned fireman' shovel.   

       So, fried, if not actually baked. The "flipper" would be a neat attachmanet to any conventional domestic oven ...
8th of 7, Aug 06 2002

       Saw a documentary on the History Channel the other night that showed a car-cooker made for cars as early as the 1930s. It was a hot plate with a high domed lid. It didn't attach to the engine, but to the exhaust pipe, whose gases were circulated through the hot plate (but not into the cooking chamber) to warm it.
beauxeault, Aug 06 2002

       Didn't we already do something like this with the in-car pizza oven thingy? I don't mind the trip down memory lane, tho.   

       Welcome to the hb. Nice to see someone who uses decent grammar and spelling. (The Pedant Police are watching.)
Canuck, Aug 08 2002

       Your word to exclamation point ratio is up to 17.67 - not a good sign.   

Custardguts, Dec 03 2008


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