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Firefly attractor

Blinking LEDs fill your backyard with fireflies
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This idea seems so simple, but I can’t find any evidence of it being baked. A device would use one or several high-output LEDs in the 510 to 670 nanometers range. A very simple microcontroller or analog circuit would blink the LEDs in the appropriate pattern, with perhaps some fine-tuning available in the field (to match the characteristics of the local species). It would use solar powered rechargeable batteries just like the ubiquitous lawn lights you see everywhere.

A more elaborate model may have sensitive light sensors to detect and synchronize with the flashing of the fireflies in its vicinity.

ServoMan314, Jun 30 2008

A more elaborate model: Firefly_20Call
[Amos Kito, Jul 01 2008]

Digital fireflies. http://www.instruct...id/S5Q5D0JF05JJP51/
Plenty more - google "Atmel firefl[y|ies]" [AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jul 02 2008]


       U got me - big Boy!
po, Jun 30 2008

       Sounds good to me. Would it work?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 30 2008

       I tried it, but the neighbor's robotic bats kept taking out my LED network.
napoleonbag, Jul 01 2008

       Oh my God, I thought you were trying to attract them so you could put them in an empty glass bottle with a peice of tissue paper, and a twig, and then stare at them for hours, and hours till they died. But you wouldn't do that, now would you?
blissmiss, Jul 01 2008

       I just cannot reduce this to anything other than a frog stuck to an LED, a la imbecile to a frozen lampost.   

       On another tack, we have often caught frogs with simple (red) laser pens. Of course this will work! Given that LED's have a wide range of light frequency, and strobe frequency.
4whom, Jul 01 2008

       Won't this only attract female (non-lighting) fireflies? This isn't my field, but I thought the light show was a mating ritual, so though I love the idea of attracting lighting fireflies, I think it's a little mean if all it is doing is attracking females to the world's best robo-firefly. Though maybe it will work like ladies night at a bar and once the females are there the males will come?
MisterQED, Jul 02 2008

       i stand corrected, this was already baked by AmosKito.
ServoMan314, Jul 02 2008

       The part about rechargeable batteries is great! And the color idea's interesting -- it should be a pleasant light that you don't mind sitting next to. Maybe it would resemble little fireflies like the ones in blissmiss's kill jar.
Amos Kito, Jul 02 2008

       // The part about rechargeable batteries is great //   

       And what's more, attract enough fireflies and their light will put power back into the photovolatics, making the system neatly self-sustaining ...... [+]
8th of 7, Jul 02 2008

       Could we bake this into a firefly power station?   

       "At night, the glow could be seen for miles..."
normzone, Jul 02 2008


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