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Insect Hospital

No more mangled bugs.
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Ever try to help out an injured bug around the house and end up doing it more harm than good? This little gizmo puts and end to the frustration, guilt, and helplessness.

The insect hospital is capable of repairing any variety of bugs found in the geographic area it is programmed for. About the size of a brick, just place the injured bugs in the intake opening and out they come the opposite side of the hospital fully rehabilitated. It is fully automated and uses nanotech to repair the bugs, assembly line style. Can be replenished with cartridges of bio-plastics and other organic materials for artificial legs, wings etc.

If you want to travel with it you can download a regional plug-in. A separate larger model would be available for tropical areas with huge bugs.

This device is not to be confused with "Roach Hostel".

MrColcannon, May 01 2005

I dunno, I think this works pretty well http://www.amazon.c...002-7839101-5653646
[DrCurry, May 01 2005]

Or if you want more advanced technology http://www.improvem...z&code=macs=MP5WFGL
[DrCurry, May 01 2005]

robot insects made via nanotech http://www.historyc...ience_war/nano.html
"robotic systems that can be programmed to build virtually any structure through the precise placement of individual atoms" [MrColcannon, May 01 2005]

insect micromachines http://www.research....edu/chal/2bugs.htm
[MrColcannon, May 01 2005]

robot insects http://schema-root....micro_air_vehicles/
[MrColcannon, May 01 2005]

"Micro Air Vehicle (MAV) flying insect robots" http://www.robots.org/MAVBots.htm
[MrColcannon, May 01 2005]

Bugs Taking Over Robot Guidance http://wired-vig.wi...,1282,61883,00.html
[MrColcannon, May 01 2005]


       I believe nanotechnology is commonly considered magic around here.
DrCurry, May 01 2005

       yeah, what DC said sorry.
po, May 01 2005

       DrCurry, I take it that you are not an insect doctor...   

       The Insect Hospital would work like the assembler in the first link I posted. Instead of creating new robot bugs, it would fix injured insects.   

       Robot insects a few inches long are already being made by/for the military, and will get smaller.   

       How about using the same technology that would enable more efficient killing in warfare to show that all life is precious?
MrColcannon, May 01 2005

       [MrC], your first link is to a page about the use of nanotech for weapons and mentions an assembler - it does not exactly show the use as a hospital for insects. The use of words such as 'arsenal' does not inspire confidence in your 'life is precious' line, either!
gnomethang, May 01 2005

       <bad singing>Oh....I just blew in from the WIBNI city. The WIBNI city is mighty pretty, but they ain't got what weeee got...</bs>
Basepair, May 01 2005

       But... bugs are SUPPOSED to get harmed by humans.
ye_river_xiv, Mar 09 2010

       //uses nanotech//

Woohoo! Fishbone and [marked-for-deletion] Magic.

I like the general concept and sentiments though.
DrBob, Mar 10 2010

       without sounding *too* stuffy, there's probably lots to be learned by delving into the wide-open field of insect medicine.
FlyingToaster, Mar 10 2010

       I think this is very sweet, and have bunned it in the vain hope that the wafting smell of warm croissant will banish all mentions of nanotech from this otherwise excellent idea.
pocmloc, Mar 10 2010


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