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Firefox addon, collective ad removal

Block images other people have blocked
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I would like a Firefox add-on that does the exactly as the internal image blocker does - blocks content from sites you have right-clicked on and choosed "Block images from...".

BUT the new part: I want it to (once in a week or so) download a list of sites that already been blocked by other people, merge this with my blocklist and return the sites I have blocked.

Potential problem here is that people block sites I want to see, so a small listbox at the bottom of Firefox telling me what has been blocked would be nice too - if I care...

dotpointer, Sep 06 2008

Addblock Plus http://adblockplus....tures#subscriptions
Lets you subscribe to filter lists [jutta, Sep 06 2008]


       Addblock Plus lets you subscribe to filter lists, but this is one-way -- you don't publish your additional blocks to the maintainers of the list.   

       Considering the privacy implications of telling all your friends that you're blocking ads.furry-porn.net, that might be just as well.
jutta, Sep 06 2008

       Furry-porn.net turned out not to be what I had hoped of it. I suggest you try thirty fury creatures gathered together in a cave and grooving with a pict .com.
zeno, Sep 07 2008


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