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ad rater

First of all find that ad, and then read about it and rate it
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I keep on seeing interesting ads or intriguing ones, but then can't find them on a search. It turns out it is purposefully so, but we the people can get together against that.

With adrater.org you can find that ad, find who made it and why, and what the truth behind the product is. Like snopes, but for paid ads.

There will be categories, and a timeline, with a section for old ads from way back when (for members only). And then there are discussions and people can rate the remarks as well.

You can rate the ads for humor and truthfulness, we'll tell who the competition is, whether it exploits women or the viewers ignorance, and if its a hoax we'll link to snopes or sciencebasedmed, and to youtubes showing how it doesn't really work, or how it really doesn't work, or both.

The will be a corner for rants about how the ad aggravated you, and on what website, and why it is inappropriate. And a link to video parodies. And to interesting translations.

Don't just tell me its baked, but rather help me make a better one.

Any assistance will bring you on board. What budget would I need to start this going?

pashute, Dec 19 2020

Reminded me of The Gruen Transfer https://en.wikipedi...i/Gruen_(TV_series)
The episodes I remember were both amusing and informative. [wjt, Dec 20 2020]

Reminds me my desire to search for ads related to content.. https://support.goo...read/88993064?hl=en
But Google won't listen... [Mindey, Dec 20 2020]


       This is a great idea, and it would be wonderful if it already existed.   

       Something similar, kind of unintentional and unsearchable (?) exists. On Quora, a questions and answers site, companies take out ads, usually mostly text, and Quora leaves the comment section open. So say 3 million people view an ad for Grammarly software and it gets comments. You can read the comments. It was 1/3 of the time off topic, occassionally, "get product G instead", and sometimes just people talking about the government (Even though it was at a grammar software comment).
beanangel, Dec 20 2020


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