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Let people comment and vote on ads
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This browser add-on, instead of blocking the ads, allows you to vote on them and comment. If its something you don't want to see again, have millions of people agree with you. Get a chance to air out your exasperation about the product or to ask questions from other people who actually had the experience of using it, or just shout out at the advertisers for corrupting the young generation or for disregarding the viewer's intelligence. Or suggest a sequel.
pashute, Apr 12 2015

Reddit Ads Screenshot http://i.imgur.com/v7zjc8J.png
I have highlighted the ads in red. [Spacecoyote, Apr 14 2015]


       The ads on Reddit do this already.
Spacecoyote, Apr 12 2015

       I disabled ad-blocker and couldn't see any ads on Reddit.com. Where are they?
pashute, Apr 13 2015

       See [link].
Spacecoyote, Apr 14 2015

       Thanks. Except this one is an add-on to chrome (could link to reddit for storage)
pashute, Apr 20 2015


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