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wifi advertising

when you look at your wifi list you'll see several surprises
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an app that goes along with those will let you follow up on interesting offers.
pashute, Jan 12 2020

Wife advertising https://www.thewife.in/beta/
A website that says your wife is your better half [pashute, Feb 12 2020]


       An app that receives advertisements from wifi This is a great idea.
chronological, Jan 13 2020

       When you drive along a large city street, the wifi list shows you the names people chose to give their networks. If your not the driver, it's amusing to look at this list and see the interesting names that peope and businesses chose for themselves.   

       I'm suggesting that this could be used commercially. Instead of plain old "chrono" you could advertise your expertise on your WIFI network name and write: "Chrono - best old and unusual clocks" or "Chrono - the doctors who know how to get rid of the virus", and your all set to make money from reading an idea on halfbakery.
pashute, Feb 12 2020

       This is creative [+] and evil [+] but I loathe advertising, especially when it finds a new way to squirm into my eyesight. [--]
Voice, Feb 13 2020

       Yeah, but its not mass advertising. It's only when people are nearby, you can decide what you want to say. It's like wearing a tee shirt with a say.
pashute, Feb 20 2020


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