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First-Person Scanner

Locate hidden objects for points
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Remember the scene in the original “Matrix” movie where Trinity is trying to find a robotic worm within Neo’s belly with an ultrasound scanner? This scene leads me to imagine an ultrasound imaging based video game. There could be different goals to achieve, like remove-the-monster, find the ingested coins / treasure, or produce a specific image.

The user would control input parameters like the scanner position, probe type, and frequency. They would get points for finding the target or locking on to an image in the shortest time. Simulated artifact would get in the way, and more difficult levels would involve increased artifact like bone shadowing, reverberation, movement, noise, etc.

Entirely improbable objects might be scanned. For example, the player might need to use Doppler flow on the inside of an operating car engine, French horn, beer keg, etc. This could go beyond medical imaging to include underground scanning (like the first Jurassic Park movie) of buried bones / treasure.

squirrelecule, Oct 28 2004




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