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Green Room

Indoor Nature
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I envision the green room about like this:

About 15 feet, square (4.5 m), with two or three (depending on how the room is situated) whole walls made of glass. The ceiling is glass, too. Large portions of this can be opened for mucho aero fresco.

A flat, clear, rigid disc in the wall to the outside, which can move back and forth but is airtight conveys the outside sounds inside if the windows are shut.

The carpet is grass and/or moss (I like moss better, but I might want both).

A river runs through it. Not a big river, just enough to water the mass (gross?) and provide a serene trickling sound. More like a stream.

Just enough small insects in the greenery to keep it green, as most plants need insects to survive. No people-biters.

Now, one could have all of this by just *going outside*. However, sometimes you'd like to 'get away' for just a few minutes, and you know you're going to be needed inside again very soon. This would provide an indoor nature retreat attached to the house so someone doesn't have to go and *find* you when you're blissfully nature-communing. But then, sometimes you don't want to be found. I guess even then this would have the advantage of allowing you to commune even in the rain without getting wet.

Probably most homes should have one of these.

galukalock, Jun 06 2003

//behind the green door// http://members.lyco...ricss/stevenss.html
Ah, Shakey. [my face your, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Aka a conservatory.
DrCurry, Jun 06 2003

       If Timmy starts practicing outside, just clamp the disc to the wall with the provided clamps so it becomes immovable.   

       //aka a conservatory//   

       This is similar to a conservatory, but smaller. Also, I haven't seen any conservatories with a stream or moss carpeting. I had also envisagioned no furniture, but perhaps a nice rock 'throne' would be good. A rock loveseat would be better.   

       Perhaps you're referring to the name? I thought I'd heard it before.
galukalock, Jun 06 2003

       It's what's behind the green door.
snarfyguy, Jun 06 2003

       I'd love one. Added bonus: you could grow plants that require a warmer climate than those found outside. I assume the river would water the plants as well?
Worldgineer, Jun 06 2003

       [galukalock], small, moisture rich ecosystems are frowned on in apartment buildings. Alternative? Or perhaps just a green room where actors prepare for stage.
k_sra, Jun 06 2003

       [World] Yes, it would. Also good for white noise.   

       [que_sera] This is mostly for houses. You're quite right to say that it would be less than ideal for apartments, especially if you said it with a touch of sarcasm.
galukalock, Jun 06 2003

       [k_s]Though you could always put a chair, some moss, and a house plant in your shower.
Worldgineer, Jun 06 2003

       //The carpet is grass and/or moss//
//A river runs through it. Just enough small insects//

This sounds like my master bath. Guess it's time to get out the cleaning supplies.
Amos Kito, Jun 06 2003

       Hehe! Have a Gerber-filled croissant. (+)
Shz, Jun 06 2003

       Maybe you should get Eric Clapton to promote this through song.
WordUp, Jun 12 2004


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