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Google Box: RSS Widget TV

Get personalized info on tv
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In an attempt to help more people have access to more information more of the time, I thought of something which I call a "Google Box" this morning. It's very similar to what Microsoft MSN TV is but meant to be smaller cost, easier setup and more ubiquitous as it should be for folks that may not have a computer at all or access to one.


The hope is to design a set top box for under $100 that connects to your existing cable and your television much in the way you connect your VCR or DVD Player.

The unit would allow users to get access to a Google Homepage with their own RSS feeds as widgets when they are logged in with their google account. It would also allow them to do searches using google.


Setup: The initial configuration would be the only required step from a standard computer that has internet access. This would guide the user thru the initial set up and account configuration.

Management: The unit can remain always on, but boot times should not exceed 10 seconds. The only software running would be the browser and the ability for the device to grab updates when needed.

Usability: When the unit is turned on, the user can use the remote to log in to their google account. It will bring up their google home page with the content they selected in the initial configuration. Adding or removing content should be simple with the remote. Performing searches should also be available using the remote with an on screen keyboard.

Pricing: The box should be designed to be priced under $100 and should not have any subscription costs. The incentive for this model is that google can display their ads to more end users.

Key Words: Web TV RSS Internet low-income customize widget content

klibeson, Jul 10 2006

Linux Instant On OS. http://www.newscien...rticle.ns?id=dn4567
For media PC's [monojohnny, Jul 11 2006]


       I love it! But.. I don't think it would be successful in the market. I think the cell phone or blackberry is going to do this because it is much smaller, portable, and cost is free (with 3 year service contract of course).   

       Furthermore, if you saw the back of my TV you wouldn't want to get mixed up in that nest of snakes.
Grunchy, Jul 11 2006

       Good idea. Suggest Linux 'Instant on' Technology (for quick boot time).   

       To keep cost down - suggest this is bundled with a 'media' device - such as DVD player, digital TV reciever etc.   

       See link.
monojohnny, Jul 11 2006


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