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Fish Fingers

Do you know what's left in your freezer???
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How cluttered is your freezer at the moment. How many Fish Finger, Burger, Potato Waffle boxes have you in there with only 1 or 2 pieces of product left in them?

Before going shopping do you look in the freezer and think 'i'm ok for frozens this time'?

So...... make the outer carton perforated all the way round at 2-3 intervals down the carton, so that when product is used, you can tear off at the perforations making the space used by the carton smaller. means you can then get more product in. I'm surprised that Findus / Bird's Eye etc. haven't thought of that.

PaddyPat, Aug 12 2003

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       Concertina Cardboard.
phoenix, Aug 12 2003

       I think (s)he's suggesting you remove a panel of the packaging in segments as you use the contents so you can eyeball how much is left.   

       Dunno why it's in business: supermarket if that's the case.
snarfyguy, Aug 12 2003

       I think this would work more easily if the food were frozen in pouches, with a perforated strip between each pouch. (Damp cardboard never seems to tear every well, even if perforated.)
DrCurry, Aug 12 2003

       I'm with [DrCurry] : minimalist, but portion sized packages: waffles in twos, sausages in twos, croquettes in eights. etc. (sorry, went a bit Noah there)
neilp, Aug 12 2003

       Since when is two sausages a portion?   

       I think you need to bump that up by a factor of 12 or so...
DeathNinja, Aug 12 2003

       Purely out of curiosity, do other people say “Potato Waffle” in English?
Shz, Aug 12 2003

       Just eat them all as soon as you open the box. If you don't like them well enough to them all why do you buy them?
kbecker, Aug 12 2003

       ..And while you are at it [DeathNinja], don't freeze the sossies anyway. Simply cook them with some mustard mash and enjoy.
My sister always used to freeze bread. THis basically removes all the moisture once back at room temperature leaving the product wholly unsatisfactory. She also used to have at least 8 crusts or 'Knob-End' of baguette in the freezer at any one time "Just in Case". Mad Woman.
+ for the idea BTW [PP]
gnomethang, Aug 12 2003

       There is such a thing, it’s just not... Has anyone ever gone to a store and seen a product labeled “Potato Waffles”? (again, just curious)   

       BTW, I do like this idea.
Shz, Aug 12 2003

       Potato waffles - a frozen food product found in supermarkets all over the UK. A "waffle" shaped slab of crispy-coated reconstituted potato which can be fried, oven baked or grilled. Usually served as an accompaniment to frozen meat dishes, in an effort to conjour up the illusion of a balanced diet.
my face your, Aug 12 2003

       Thank you muchly [mfy]. I’ve been to the UK, but not to go grocery shopping. When I have potato waffles they’re homemade by people who don’t speak English, and they’re not available in the stores around here. I found it very odd that someone would use those words together in English. “Shabeer Gany”.
Shz, Aug 12 2003

       im english, and i breifly remember a bird's eye advertisement selling their waffles- they would make this merry little tune that had the word 'birds eye potatoe waffles' in it.
chocolateraindrops, Aug 06 2005


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