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Peanut Butter Pats

single serving for toast
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I love peanut butter on warm toast. When I go out for breakfast, I can get a side order of toast, and there are usually individual sealed plastic containers of jelly, jam and marmalade on the table or counter. How about peanut butter in the same form? I know it would make mothers with small children forever grateful, too.
Rm Brz, Aug 25 2006

Peanut Butter Slices https://web.archive...//www.pbslices.com/
Exist(ed). Who knew! [jutta, Aug 25 2006, last modified Sep 04 2022]

Smucker's 3/4 oz Peanut Butter http://www.smuckerf...details.asp?code=85
More like what the poster had in mind, I'm guessing. [jutta, Aug 25 2006]

Inspiration? Cream_20Cheese_20Rings
[angel, Aug 27 2006]

Jif to go http://www.jif.com/...ails.asp?prodID=572
This is slightly larger than single-serving - maybe a good size to take on vacation? Smuckers owns Jif. [jutta, Aug 29 2006]

Marmite http://www.marmite.com/
love or hate? [xenzag, Aug 29 2006]


       [+] from me. Even if it does exist it's not widespread enough yet. I can't really see how a peanut butter slice would work and pbslices.com doesn't enlighten me.
Srimech, Aug 25 2006

       Individual portions of peanut paste available at any McDonald's in Oz. Shirley you have them too?
ConsulFlaminicus, Aug 26 2006

       No. I don't really think they have them commonly here. & Why do they look at me so funny when I want a Peanut Butter & Cheese grilled sandwich? It's frickin' American! (Elvis, Hello?) Maybe it's their perception that I have a foriegn accent.
Zimmy, Aug 26 2006

       [marked-for-deletion] widely known to exist. In my experience, peanut butter is almost always present as a single-serve option in these situations, along with jam, marmalade, marmite etc.
Texticle, Aug 28 2006

       Why not add a mini plastic spreader under the foil cap? There, now it's a new idea :)
phundug, Aug 28 2006

       //peanut butter is almost always present as a single-serve option in these situations//   

       It makes sense in an obvious duh sort-of way but I have never seen pb in a single serving option even though I work in a grocery store and I go out to eat in actual restaurants and stuff. So there.   

       The single slice of peanut butter in the link looks kind of creepy to me. I'm not sure I trust peanutbutter that retains its shape like that. It's just not right.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Aug 28 2006

       I don't think i'd like the sliced peanut butter. I'd have to spread the slice again to make it gooier.
phundug, Aug 28 2006

       /I have never seen pb in a single serving option/   

       Clearly neither has the author of the idea. It's out there, though. Believe it.
Texticle, Aug 28 2006

       I can't believe it. I just can't, the whole fabric of my life will be forever change. Don't you understand that what you are saying, if true, will destroy everything that I hold dear and true? < Looks at Smucker's link>   

       Hey, looky there! A single serving peanut-butter package. Well, clearly [marked-for-deletion]. I mean dang [Rm Brz], you should do some research first, instead of posting ideas that *everyone* already knows about. Sheesh.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Aug 28 2006

       My research has been of the hands on variety. As someone who has worked in the restaurant industry for many years, in many capacities, I have access to wholesale markets to the trade only. (Yes, I can buy steak and lobster wholesale. No, I won't get it for you.) I have seen single serve sizes of many things in these trade-only markets, from pancake syrup to sugar packets, cheese, crackers, jellies and preserves. I have never seen peanut butter, which is why I felt reasonably assured that this did not exist. And what is this "Marmite"? Sounds like a spread made from bugs.
Rm Brz, Aug 29 2006

       [Rm Brz] marmite marmite marmite marmite marmite marmite marmite marmite marmite !!!!   

       Now there's a thing to start a war. I'm declaring my hand as a Marmite lover. Now who's in my gang?
xenzag, Aug 29 2006

       I love marmite. Salt, yeast, tar-like appearance - what's not to like?
Texticle, Aug 29 2006

       I've never been, but apparently the saying is true that one doesn't visit G.B. for the food.
Rm Brz, Aug 29 2006


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