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heart guard

prevents/mends broken hearts
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I don't have a description for a heart guard. Actually, I wouldn't even know how to make one, which is probably why I think the world needs one.

So, let's brainstorm. How can we avoid/heal the pain?

pinkstar, Apr 05 2001


       "Above all else guard your heart for it is the wellspring of life." Proverbs 4:23 Unfortunately, no further details were available as to the specific mechanics. Apparently, it is something that each individual must do for himself. (there's more of that 'quaintly protestant' for ya, UB)
absterge, Apr 05 2001

       avoiding the pain totally is, i believe, impossible unless you keep your heart locked up in a safe (which is no place for a heart). accepting pain exists and that we have to deal with it makes those painless moments all the brighter. the cliche "time is the greatest healer" is true but it takes time to find that out.
chimpboy, Apr 05 2001

       no oranges with out a few lemons, eh?
chimpboy, Apr 05 2001

       I've found it very satisfying to wait until someone says "Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." After you've beaten that person to within an inch of their life you do feel better (only for a few minutes maybe, but it helps). It might be true but when you've just lost it's not the kind of thing you need to hear.
sirrobin, Apr 05 2001, last modified Apr 06 2001

       The first two broken hearts you'll know are yours.
reensure, Apr 06 2001

       PS: No army, just me. I won't feel pain while I'm unconscious either.
sirrobin, Apr 06 2001

       I've often wished for a pill that eliminates all memory and pain for a specified period of time ...so that when I run into the one person that I still cry over .... I would instead react in a manner of "Do I know you?" For the record, time does not heal, the scars just get harder to see by those that do not live in my head..... Now, as for my ex-husband...him I feel nothing for....guess I saw that one coming for too long.
Susen, Apr 06 2001

       could we just make something that eliminates empathy? I was having fun until I read Susen's annotation... <=(
absterge, Apr 06 2001

       Well, you could think of your children and not have them.
thantox, Apr 06 2001

       I would agree with Susen... time doesn't heal... somethings never totally heal, you just learn to not show it as much
pnewp, Apr 06 2001

       autism. which can ,it seems , be induced somehow. a vaccine or chemical/s or food is blamed
technobadger, Apr 06 2001

       ub: autism seems to be quicker and more efficient
technobadger, Apr 07 2001

       aaawww, fuggen A. pardon my language, but i hit the something by mistake (stupid touchpad) and accidently deleted an entry. please forgive me beaux :-(   

       i'mma gonna go right now to the halfbaker category and suggest they add a confirmation page after the delete.   

       oh, yeah, and ..... this will probably leave me open and vulnerable to the pain that i am trying to avoid, but i love you guys!! thanks for taking a peak at my ideas!
pinkstar, Apr 19 2001

       I write poetry, play music, and sing. A broken heart inspires these things, but nothing can mend it. By the way I loved reading you guys. You make me laugh!
geena1109, Jun 25 2002


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