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Flag That Was Designed To Billow Flames From Its Inception

First: start a country.
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Second: Design a flag that is fireproof and has thousands of holes in it through which natural gas, propane or other flammable gas is pumped.

As it flew proudly in the wind, majestic flames would billow forth proclaiming that this flag, like this country, is resilient and indomitable.

Protesters who didn't like this country would probably have to resort to stomping replicas of the flaming flags out to show disrespect. Careful boys, wouldn't want to see you hurt yourselves!

But seriously, even if this wasn't the flag of a country, which of course it never will be, it might be kind of a cool attention getter at events.

Maybe more of a long flowing banner. Even a series of flaming ribbons might be dramatic.

doctorremulac3, Jan 15 2019

Perpetually_20Burning_20Flag [hippo, Jan 16 2019]

Fire good. Firestorm_20Inflatable_20Flailing_20Man
[doctorremulac3, Jan 16 2019]


       It's a great idea, which is why I believe it already exists here under the tile (if my memory serves me) Perpetually Burning Flag. (it happens doc) I'm also too lazy to look up, but I can see it now...... up there on the right hand side.
xenzag, Jan 15 2019

       This is a great idea, but some of it might have already been done (link)
hippo, Jan 16 2019

       Yea, you're right. Something similar has been posted. Too bad, I really like this one.   

       Mine is pumping massive billowing explosions rather than being more of a candle so I don't know if that warrants a new post.   

       I really like this though so with permission, I'll leave it up because, especially the flowing, flaming banner seems like it would be a sight to see.   

       For what it's worth, it was inspired by an old idea of mine, the flame throwing air dancers. Let me see if I can find the link.
doctorremulac3, Jan 16 2019


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