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heat seeking fan

an oscillating fan with smarts
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Oscillating fans (floor or desk) are great when it's hot, but I'd like to add an IR sensor that will cause them to see humans in the room and point at them. (If there's only one, it should follow them around; if there are many, it should alternate between them, spending the most time on the ones that are most overheated.)
egnor, Jul 17 2000

Trakker-SL video camera tracking system http://www.bartswat...log.asp?C=186&P=705
Cheap ($119USD) would probably work. [bristolz, Feb 07 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Lovely idea. Also applicable to small spotlights.
hippo, Jul 17 2000

       Brilliant! You need to either manually or with some heat-limit software to recognize and block out other heat sources, though.
RayfordSteele, Feb 07 2002

       Somebody builds a servo video head for a tripod that will track a person wearing a little emitter on their person.  Perhaps this could be adapted by putting a fan on the head rather than a video camera.  That way the wearer would always be enveloped in a stream of moving, and hopefully cooling, air.
bristolz, Feb 07 2002

       This is a must. Really Lovely idea.
kamathln, Nov 03 2008

       This is really cool!
theGem, Nov 03 2008

       I saw a robot which could aim a paintball gun at a moving target. One need only substitute a leaf blower for paintball gun and wolla! Coolth!
bungston, Nov 03 2008

       Cool indeed. +
nomocrow, Nov 04 2008

       Great idea. (Hope you're still around to receive the positive votes!)
phundug, Nov 04 2008

       Hey! I just thought of this too - so it must be a great idea! A cheap IR cam/directional sensor some smarts, ability to make fan track human heat sources who want cooling. And system should ignore sun, ovens, candles, fires, etc.
wod_observer, Jul 25 2010


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