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Rectal Karaoke Machine

Device to encourage kids to eat their veggies
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Well, not really, but... Because kids generally don't like to eat their veggies, by doing so even reluctantly, with the aid of the Rectal Karaoke machine they'll get a positive feedback when they do! Kid eats veggies, farts, big deal. But if the fart can be heard in a crowded room all heads will turn! Hey, how'd you do one so loud? Easy, ate my brussel sprouts and honked one thru the Rectal Karaoke machine. Other kids, impressed, do likewise? A microphone, amp and small speaker all driven by a small battery is all there is.. Put it in a nice package that can clip on the back of a kid's belt and voila! Music to a paren'ts ears.
Steamboat, Jan 06 2006


       --Maybe I should have called this 'Improved Whoopee Cushion" or some such. Just seems like it would be a handy thing to have when taking kids on elevators, etc.
Steamboat, Jan 31 2006

       A bun for using the word rectal.
MikeOxbig, Feb 04 2006

       I would have to try and trick someone into using the mic after the kid had his fun with it.
Pac-man, Feb 04 2006

       Did I end up in HB for Kids by accident? [-]
hidden truths, Feb 05 2006

       heeheehee! Poo!   

shapu, Feb 06 2006


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