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Flavored Fonts

Flavored fonts and scratch and smell words
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Create a new range of inks that are used for printing.

Smell A range of inks based on the old scratch and smell system but used to print words, You could then use those inks to describe the aroma of a story or article. Example a movie review and the movie really stunk we could get the high level over view just by putting our nose next to it.

You can also interchange the fonts so when you write the word strawberry it smells like ... or perhaps the word sewage would smell like ...

Taste OK now how about flavored fonts just give them a lick and get a taste for what the writer was trying to say.

We can now have a bit of fun the words fruit salad could smell like a strawberry and taste like peach but the word fruit salad is written in the shape of a banana.

Braindead, Mar 08 2008

It smells like purple. http://malaysia.ans...080220205629AAObN2d
Mimeograph paper. I don't remember anyone tasting it. [Amos Kito, Mar 08 2008]


       Just add a micro-encapsulator to the printer. The stuff looks like a thin coating of glue. Not good tasting no matter how good it smells. You would have to change the smell cartridge (you cant blend smells the same way a printer blends colors) for each application.
WcW, Mar 08 2008

       Think of the applications! A note from your gas company with a spot to scratch to smell what a gas leak would smell like. A promo from the local flower shop promoting their new "now with authentic rose aroma" monster roses. A "fresh baked bread spot" on a circular from the bakery. I know this isn't the origonal idea but making a encapsulator available to small buisnesses in the form of a printer is a great idea. You would make your money on the cartridge and practically give away the printer just like they currently do. Buntastic.
WcW, Mar 08 2008

       //A note from your gas company with a spot to scratch to smell what a gas leak would smell like.// I've one of those. I get one once a year. Which shows it's a good idea.
baconbrain, Mar 08 2008

       Or..printer-friendly cheese leaves.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 08 2008


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