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Flavoured Bottle

Saves money AND tastes good!
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You just have to laugh at those people who buy flavoured water for around £1 a bottle - just one drink and the flavour's gone, apart from that annoying hint-of-flavour that infests any water that is poured into the bottle in the future.

With a flavoured bottle, the flavour is injected into the plastic, which is layered. Every time the bottle is filled with water, a layer disintegrates, releasing the flavour.

The bottle would have as many layers as you payed for, all with a strong outer layer that won't disintegrate on contact with water! Obviously the inner plastic would be edible, not poisonous. After the last layer has disintegrated, you're just left with a normal water bottle. What's more, a more expensive bottle could become available with a different flavour for every layer etc.

Mr Phase, Aug 30 2005

reminded me of this for aome reason. http://www.le.ac.uk...virtualfc/weil.html
ah, infests any water - that was it. [po, Aug 31 2005]

Ipfini's programmable beverage containers http://www.yenra.co...s/programmable.html
Not layered like in this idea, but on demand. [jutta, Apr 01 2006]


       So flavor concentration would rise after each refil?
Antegrity, Aug 30 2005

       No, the flavour in the previous layer would be washed out when the bottle is emptied.
Mr Phase, Aug 30 2005

       weil I recognise the advantages, I think that rats got there before you.
po, Aug 30 2005

       ? [po] Am I being incredibly thick (as usual) or do I really have no idea what or who the above comment relates to?
Mr Phase, Aug 30 2005

       yes, I think so.
po, Aug 30 2005

       Well ok, just as long as that's sorted out. Don't bother to explain or anything...
Mr Phase, Aug 30 2005

       mmmmm melted plastic flavour.
benfrost, Aug 30 2005

       But the surface area of each removed layer will increase no?
Antegrity, Aug 30 2005

       "Every time the bottle is filled with water, a layer disintegrates, releasing the flavour."

       I don't know what po is talking about either.
jutta, Aug 31 2005

       Assuming [jutta]'s question is directed to the audience as well:   


       I imagine an inner coating engineered so that it--once it has been exposed to oxygen--develops a flavorful, and soluble, layer of oxidation.   

       This oxidation layer dissolves on contact with water, releasing its flavor into the liquid.   

       And the cycle begins anew.
bristolz, Aug 31 2005

       Brilliant, [bris]! But there's a problem. As you drink the newly-flavoured water out of the bottle, you would expose the next unoxidized layer, which would then dissolve as you continued taking sips from your bottle, making the flavour stronger and stronger (unless you guzzled all the water out at once). Perhaps the oxidation layer should be at the bottom of the bottle?   

       In an effort to clear the confusion, I think [po] was referring to the "infests any water" comment in [Mr Phase]'s idea.
Canuck, Aug 31 2005

       Retard the reaction, slowing the formation of the oxide layer. Require, say, an hour long exposure to generate enough oxide to noticeably flavor the drink. Longer is ever better.
bristolz, Aug 31 2005

       For a second I thought you were calling me a retard...   

       Yes, that makes sense. And how about making the layers coloured so the user can tell when all the flavour has been washed from the bottle (and avoid that nasty flavour infestation)?
Canuck, Aug 31 2005

       [po] link ap?
Dub, Aug 31 2005


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