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Flax, Okra, Kale, Hemp, Chia

Witty banter. Saving the world. Selling nutrition bars.
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These are great words, the names for these foods. And the superhero team pretty much assembles itself: Flax and Kale as the alpha female and male, Okra the big bruiser, Hemp the cerebral one, Chia short frizzy and gabby for comic relief.

I envision a show like the new Teen Titans. For those very few of you who might be unfamiliar, this superhero group has its provenance in a group that fought supervillains etc. The new version of them does not fight villians or do much at all except squabble, crack wise and get up to hijinks in the venerable sitcom style.

So too this crew. Although some fighting would be fine from time to time, to establish superhero cred. Mostly the idea is to endear the characters and drive sales of the healthy food bars containing their namesakes.

bungston, Sep 20 2016

Captain Vegetable: The Winter Grocer https://www.youtube...watch?v=KmjLqddPqZQ
[calum, Sep 20 2016]

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       There is an acronym in there...
bungston, Sep 20 2016

       "Chard and Lard, brothers separated at birth, now engaged in an epic struggle for supremacy..."
hippo, Sep 20 2016

       Sitting here with chia and flax seeds between my teeth, I fear I must bun this, outta loyalty.
blissmiss, Sep 20 2016

       Superhero team? When I'm scared, hurt or in peril, those are definitely not the 4 letter words which come to mind.
AusCan531, Sep 20 2016

       The Spanish version might be:   

       Lino, okra, col rizada, cáñamo, Chia
popbottle, Sep 21 2016

       They need weaknesses too. Okra can't get wet or he gets all slimy. Chia's hair grows wild whenever he comes in contact with clay. Kale has to stay wet. Flax gets constipated when angry, and Hemp goes spacey around fire.
RayfordSteele, Sep 21 2016

       Weaknesses; yes, yes: just so.   

       Their boss Oat (like Zorgon, or maybe Charlie) has no weakness, but no particular strengths either. Really no factors for or against. He will dispatch them to emergencies, or do other projects. Often he does not. Sometimes he just enjoys their company, in his own way, they suppose.
bungston, Sep 22 2016

       How are you proposing to develop Bran-d awareness ?
8th of 7, Sep 22 2016

       there could be an origin myth about the "flaming carrot" starting a garden outside chernobyl.
beanangel, Sep 24 2016


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