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Foam Legos
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*Step on lego* "ARGH!"

*Step on Flego* "..."

Flegos are foam legos, made from squishy shape retaining foam like those stress toys.

Step on them and your foot is unharmed, and as a bonus, you can use your creations as stress toys for that remnant of anger left over from your "normal lego" days.

Long thin pieces have bendable wire implanted inside, for support.

DesertFox, Jun 21 2006

(?) he's wearing your invention....sort of..... http://www.bhg.com/...l&catref=cat4960004
[xandram, Jun 21 2006]


       This would be terrible for anything that needs stiffness, otherwise its fine.   

       And I'm more worried about the Lego, rather than my foot.
BJS, Jun 21 2006

       Also, foam with wire in it tends to become foam with wire sticking out of it.
xandram, Jun 21 2006

       Pour water on them.   

       Then sell them to a florist.
skinflaps, Jun 21 2006

       i can see less painful lego fights in your future. we can change the rules again and allow launchers and cannons.
tcarson, Jun 21 2006

       I'm worried about the pluralisation of Lego to Legos..
neilp, Jun 21 2006

       There are harder foams that would be stiff enough for the lego to be useful and still soft enough to keep from hurting.   

       Also, slightly bendable lego pieces would be interesting for some sorts of things. More even than stress toys. Launchers and cannons are one area, but also as bumpers around robots, foot pads, wheels, shock mounting, vibration damping, etc...   

       I think its a great idea!
James Newton, Jun 22 2006


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