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inclined rim glass

less head tilt to finish your drink
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This idea is inspired by the RhinoCans idea.

If you're drinking from a glass with vertical walls (i.e. not a martini glass) you have to tilt your head back a bit further to get the last gulp of liquid. Reason being, if you try to tilt the glass further up rather than tilting your head, the top rim of the glass presses against some part of your face (philtrum, nose or forehead) depending on the glass size.

So I propose a glass with a sloping rim.

xaviergisz, Dec 18 2009

RhinoCans RhinoCans
[xaviergisz, Dec 18 2009]

Angled Rim Tumblers http://www.pier1.co...mblers/Default.aspx
Never seen them before today. [baconbrain, Dec 18 2009]

Angled base tumblers http://www.drinkstu...product.asp?ID=5877
The two need to be combined I think. [pocmloc, Dec 18 2009]


       Would be both nausea inducing and messy when drunk. [+]
wagster, Dec 18 2009

       I just saw glasses with inclined rims in a Pier 1 store. <googling> Nice idea, btw.   

       Pier 1 calls their range of glasses "Angled Rim" , which gets a few other hits, probably all the same manufacturer. Linky.
baconbrain, Dec 18 2009

       [+] the more people drink the more inclined (no pun intended) to forget the angle and pour the drink on themselves.
FlyingToaster, Dec 18 2009


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