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Guinness Hydra

Guinness that keeps its head
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Pints of Guinness are perfect... well they are in Ireland. The rest of the planet has yet to learn how to pour the perfect pint. Time and patience are needed, and the pint needs to sit for about two minutes before being filled to the top. The result is an object of great beauty.

The problem is that as soon as you start drinking it, the perfect head starts to break down and diminish. After much thought and deliberation, 10zag laboratories have solved this problem and are proud to bring you the Guinness Hydra.

The Guinness Hydra is a doubled glass, with a connection at the bottom so that the contents are shared. (see illustration)

It requires extra patience to pour and extra skill to drink, but with a bit of care and a lot of drinking practice you should be able to preserve the head on one side of the hydra glass as the other one fades away.

xenzag, Oct 30 2009

Guinness Hydra https://sodabred.tu...a-halfbaked-idea-by
[xenzag, Oct 30 2009, last modified Jun 05 2019]


       It's possible to drink under the head by sucking instead of gulping.
rcarty, Oct 30 2009

       Head disappears from Guinness? Easy solution: drain glass, refill to the top.
pocmloc, Oct 30 2009

       I think you're missing the point.... this particular pint subtly refills itself.
xenzag, Oct 30 2009

       Is it possible your lips are too greasy and that is killing the head? Maybe a quick wipe with grain alchohol before starting your pint.
bungston, Oct 30 2009

       Cool glass. Probably be a bitch to drink out of. Also, what rcarty said. []
daseva, Oct 30 2009

       Two pints at once? Oh, heaven awaits!
bdag, Oct 30 2009

       Good idea but I was hoping for the more literal, supernatural version - once the head goes away, two more come back in its place. Yeah, so I haven't thought this through... at all.... so sue me.
Joolin, Oct 30 2009

       A little chunk of dry ice at the bottom of the pint should keep that head coming back as fast as you can cut/slurp it off.   

       Just like a conventional glass of Guinness, except there's two of them in this instance. A huge improvement.
Ling, Nov 02 2009

       Whoa. I'm not a Guiness drinker (apart from the odd occasion that a take a wee notion - and even then I remember after two gulps that I'm not a fan) but I don't get it. Help me out [xz]:
i) Is the total capacity of the glass 1pt, or is it 2 pints combined?
ii) Will the properties of the head be altered by the change in glass?
iii) If I am drinking from one side - and preserving the head on the other side - that means that the side I am drinking is getting headless?
Jinbish, Nov 02 2009

       Answers as follows: Contents about one and a half pints
Whole idea is about preserving properties of the head
The side you drink out of gradually becomes headless.... this is what happens to all good pints of Guinness, but with th Hyrda, the other side of the twin keeps its head (more or less) - hence its alternative title: How to keep your head when all around you are losing theirs.
xenzag, Nov 02 2009

       That's grand (As they say in Ireland).   

       So, we drink from side A until the head is unsatisfactory and then we flip to side B?   

       Does the head disappear over time - or does it disperse due to pursed lip gulpage agitation (oo-er!)? If the latter, rather than the former and the G-Hydra might well be a go-er!
Jinbish, Nov 02 2009

       Both sides diminish at the same rate, as they are connected, but the side being drunk from loses its head at a faster rate. Obviously I have not explained it properly in either the text or the illustration, but I thought it was fairly straight forward. It is of course a foolish notion, which is equally of course why it's here.
xenzag, Nov 02 2009

       No, no. The invention is great, and the explanation is fine. If there is any misunderstanding, it is my fault, not yours!   

       I realise that the levels of the liquid will equalize and stay level - I'm just wondering how fast a Guiness head disappears by itself and how long the 'second' head will last.
Jinbish, Nov 02 2009

       Transferred illustration from google crap to tumblr
xenzag, Jun 05 2019

       How about a buoyant clapper to re-head the un-drunk side?
wjt, Jun 07 2019

       There is no "undrunk" side. The side of the glass from which you are drinking 'loses" its head. The other side of the glass retains its, as it's undisturbed but the volume underneath the head still diminishes as there is only one connected volume of liquid that gets drunk.
xenzag, Jun 07 2019

       You had me, obviously, at "drinking practice".
Voice, Jun 07 2019

       Your right, I missunderstood. This is a have your cake and eat it to. Though, if you wanted to drink the held head, some sort of mechanism could regenerate the head of the last drunk side as you drink.   

       Four connected glasses to the stalk could have been a Guinness Clover.
wjt, Jun 09 2019


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