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Flight Simulator Carwash

"We've transitioned into light speed. Oh no! We're getting pummeled by brush torpedos!"
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Inspired by DIYMatt's "Fun Car Wash".

Your car would be surrounded by projection screens showing videos of flight through various adventures. The moving platform your car was on would be synchronized these videos, tilting to the left when the screen showed you turning right, tilting backwards when you accelerate etc giving the feeling of flight like a standard flight simulator.

The cleaning elements would be characters in the simulation. Spray nozzles would be death rays coming out of alien space ships trying to shoot you down, that sort of thing. "Oh no! We've been eaten by an alien rotating brush monster!" The car would shudder and shake under the attacks of foam slobbering alien creatures, water bombs, (buckets of water being dumped all at once) and space insects spraying deadly death mist. "There's one on the windshield! Quick! Kill it with the wipers!"

Once you've survived your adventure, you drive out with a nice clean car.

doctorremulac3, Sep 23 2012

Inspired by... Fun_20Car_20Wash
[doctorremulac3, Sep 23 2012]


       <James T.>   

       "Mister Checkov ! Photon torpedoes, full spread ! FIRE !"   

       </James T.>   

8th of 7, Sep 23 2012

       //Photon torpedoes, full spread ! FIRE !//   

       Actually you could have some weapons to fight these attacking monsters. The windshield wipers as I mentioned and your headlights as well. Turn your high beams on when the rotating brush creature from Planet X is attacking to make it roar with anger. Of course you can't stop it because it needs to clean your car but you could accumulate points.   

       I think if you had kids they'd never allow you to go to another car wash besides this one. Buy then again, why would you want to?
doctorremulac3, Sep 27 2012


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