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Evian Car Wash

Evian Car Wash for the rich (and stupid)
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There are some very rich people who don't seem to mind spending insane amounts of money for cars and for car related gadgets/expenses. This would be the ultimate in car pampering! This car wash would not settle for regular tap water -- oh no -- it would use only the best Evian spring water straight from the bottle! Naturally all washing would be done by hand with the finest soaps. Drying would be done using the finest natural cloths.

Granted, a complete wash may go for several hundred dollars, but can imagine how much better it would be for the paint!?!

dude, Oct 03 2000


       Read: Horny virgins wearing white cotton and no underwear.
thumbwax, Oct 04 2000

       Anyone else ever noticed Evian spelled backwards is naive?
wrenchndmachine, Oct 04 2000

       Coincidence?...I think not
thumbwax, Oct 04 2000

       True story: police showed up at a man's house, having been informed by the man's neighbor that the man was washing his car in violation of the city water-conservation ordinance (which forbade washing cars during low-water emergencies). When they arrived, however, they found that rather than using a hose the man was using BOTTLED WATER so as to avoid the ordinance.
supercat, Oct 04 2000

       That man is my hero.
lucidish, Oct 05 2000

       It seemed to be fashionable a few years ago for pert, nubile 17-year old girls to wear tight t-shirts with the word "naive" written across the chest in exactly the same lettering as the Evian water bottle.
hippo, Oct 05 2000

       Why waste time washing the car when you can get a fresh one at the dealer?
dogd, Feb 01 2001

       I never noticed that!!!! Wow!   

       Oh yeah, I'm sure those minerals would help keep your paint nice and shiny. Mm-hmm. Yep. Sure. Totally.
TahuNuva, May 24 2008


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