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Drive-Through Sandblasting

sand blast your car to a mirror finish
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This was going to be an idea for a drive through quick respray, but that's hardly a halfbaked idea, so I bring you the Drive-Through Sandblasting service. Here's how it works:

Prior to entry, the windscreen and all of the glass and otherwise vulnerable areas are quickly masked off, using a range of stencils that are pre-cut to fit all models of car.

You then drive your car through, and just as with the action of an automated car wash, powerful jets of sand strip it down to the bare metal all over. The bare matt metal is then polished to a mirror finish by the rapidly spinning robotic brushes which rove over every square inch of its surface.

On completion, your car emerges in gleaming raw metal, like a jetstream caravan or a 1950's airforce jet.

To protect the finish, several surfaces are available by way of the application of a high gloss, or a matt protective lacquer.

The more adventurous can bring their car pre-masked off, to enable complex patterns or imagery to be generated.

xenzag, Sep 17 2019

Hawkwind https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IfniG-AdSC4
suggested soundtrack for driving away experience [xenzag, Sep 17 2019]


       A chrome-like finish does add that gleaming military- test chic to any vehicle. [+]
zen_tom, Sep 17 2019

       //On completion, your car emerges in gleaming raw metal, like a jetstream caravan or a 1950's airforce jet.//   

       Some of it will. The bumpers, mirrors, rear spoiler thing, door handles, fuel filler door will all end up as black plastic, some with a grey-ish tinge due to the glass fiber reinforcement. Interestingly, the badges will start all shiney and metallic and end up rather dull. Maybe a 2013 car isn't the best candidate?
bs0u0155, Sep 17 2019

       Ah yes, but that's why the "otherwise vulnerable areas are masked off".
xenzag, Sep 17 2019

       What if you drive a deLorean ?
8th of 7, Sep 17 2019

       You end up with a shiny version.
xenzag, Sep 17 2019

       Can you mount all your needed sand blasting projects on the outside of the vehicle? ........ How many times can a car go through?
wjt, Sep 20 2019


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