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Floaty Bluetooth Hatalloon

Stylish, silent and deadly.
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Given the amount of hideous accidents, serious burns and general noise pollution caused by the recent fad for "Propellor Haticopters", we have created the Floaty Bluetooth Hatalloon. This stylish Trilby contains a 1:100 scale Mylar airship concealed beneath a flap on the top of the garment, when required the airship is inflated by a small single-use canister of helium.

Two small electric fans on either side of the blimp provide lateral and vertical thrust and are operated via bluetooth from a virtual Java cockpit which will run on most mobile phones.

The deluxe model comes equipped with two 1:100 scale Sidewinder missiles with which to engage Propellor Haticopters.

wagster, Jan 07 2006

Propellor Haticopter Propeller_20Haticopter
The enemy... [wagster, Jan 07 2006]

A veritable pyrotechnics display, even before launch http://www.globalse...my/fm/23-34/Ch1.htm
[headcleaner] With this level of detail available, I shouldn't worry about mentioning squibs [AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jan 10 2006]

Hatamaran Hatamaran
the sea power in hat wars... [riemann_ranger, Jan 13 2006]


       Is this the new black?   

       War of the Hats   

       Showing at a fringe cinema near you.
skinflaps, Jan 10 2006

       //the airship would be propelled backwards by launching them quite a bit// Why? Attack helicopters don't fly backwards from the hover when launching Hellfires.
coprocephalous, Jan 10 2006

       I would be more concerned about the effect of the heat on the Mylar. Maybe they drop a few inches before igniting.   

       Have added crucial word [copro]!
wagster, Jan 10 2006

       Ahahaha! My Propellor Haticopter shall dodge thy missiles and let loose with a mini-chaingun to puncture thy balloons!
DesertFox, Jan 10 2006

       Use a squib switch, have the missiles on an outrigger. Engines fire and missile has a chance to build up forward force before switch trips, releasing missile. Deflectors on outrigger direct exhaust back and slightly to the side.   

       I'm not sure if I'm supposed to repeat this or not, but I am in contact with a source that used to be a weapons mechanic on US attack helicopters. The squib switch is used when firing some A-A and A-G missiles, otherwise the helicopter will rock from side to side under the uncompensated launch force.
Headcleaner, Jan 10 2006

       This, or some form of this must be baked as the next Robot Wars...in a stadium...with Plexiglas shields for the fans in the stands.   

       This opens up so many possibilities..one of them actually inspired me to get a halfbakery account (see link).
riemann_ranger, Jan 13 2006


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