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Note: This has nothing to do with bean-stuffed toys.
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As I harken back to my youth, my salad days as a young Cedar, I remember fondly the beanie, a multi-coloured skull cap, with a plastic propeller protruding from its top. Many an afternoon was spent, head tilted forward, running around pretending I was an airplane. But I progress...

I no longer have time to run around, making airplane noises and watching the propeller spin.

The Ultra-Beanie is a variation on the Beanie theme. Connected to the pinnacle of the skull cap is a shaft, about pencil length. Mounted to the top of the shaft is a small plastic airplane, with a motorized propeller. The battery is located in the hat portion, and the plane uses an light electric motor, to keep the weight down. Also included in the hat is a digital recording of a propeller plane flying. This sound can be switched off for telephone calls and office conferences.

Cedar Park, Aug 02 2003

Ultra-Beanie http://members.shaw...ges/ultrabeanie.jpg
A quick illustration. [Cedar Park, Oct 04 2004, last modified Jul 24 2010]


       Could you have an F22 stealth (with the all glass canopy) and jet noises?
sartep, Aug 02 2003

       I don't want one. It's silly.
sartep, Aug 02 2003

       But I'd want to be the first one to have one, if it had small butane lighter engines out the back.
sartep, Aug 02 2003

       Ooooo, ok, bun. + Darn you human.
sartep, Aug 02 2003

       Oh, Oh! I forgot a key point of the description...   

       The plane 'flies' around this little pole. I figure it needs a stiff supporting rod connected to the pole, and armature-style contacts to supply the power to the plane. (See illustration in [link]).   

       You will probably have to have a little elastic strap to keep this on your head.
Cedar Park, Aug 02 2003

       That's actually really neat.
sartep, Aug 02 2003

       Sp: aeroplane
thumbwax, Aug 02 2003

       How do you see the propeller spinning if it's mounted to the top of your head?
Jezzie, Aug 02 2003

       Wait 'til it does a nose dive.
thumbwax, Aug 02 2003

       Dangit! Never thought of that; my "Halo Generating Hat" could have been done with a vapor trail!   

       For balance, I think maybe I'd want a Fokker DR1 and a Sopwith Camel on opposite sides of the pole.
lurch, Aug 02 2003

       Who doesn't want a good Fokker?
DeathNinja, Aug 03 2003


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